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Joachim Wernesson - CEO and founder

“I was recommended GetAccept at a sales meeting. The guy said; "I will send you a quote via a tool called GetAccept. Whether you buy from us or not, you should buy GetAccept."

Joachim Wernesson

CEO and founder

Favourite functions —

Personal video and chat | Automated reminders | Give the customer a modern experience


The main challenge that Weblify experienced was that the sellers spent a lot of time on manual follow-up of quotes. It was also a challenge to stand out and communicate their solutions and ideas to the potential customers in a modern way. All contact went back and forth via mail, which was both time consuming and impersonal.


By automatically triggering reminders and spending less time on follow-up, it became clear that Weblify could sharpen a few percent of sales using GetAccept. With chat and video, they were able to communicate their ideas in a new and modern way.


Since Weblify introduced GetAccept, sales have increased by 20%. The time they save in the follow-up they can now put on contacting new customers. They communicate with their customers through chat and video before closing and by keeping a more personal tone combined with the simplicity of chatting, they have shortened the time from first meeting to closing.

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