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Erik Pernling - Controller

”Now we have a great overview of our entire business. Following up on our sales processes was one of our biggest challenges before we started using GetAccept."

Erik Pernling


Favourite functions —

Tracking function | Automated workflows that saves us time to focus on the next deal | The integration with Lime CRM


A vision of being fully digital

Previously, Anticimex worked with another e-signing provider for just e-signing, but they decided that they needed what Erik Pernling from Anticimex calls "the final push".

Anticimex watched a demo video of the GetAccept platform and realized the possibility of implementing and integrating their existing CRM system Lime. Through this integration, time-consuming processes could be avoided. Thanks to the smooth integration, salespeople do not have to change between different systems as all information is gathered in one place. They saw an opportunity to fulfill their vision of being fully digital throughout the entire purchase process.


Looking for a platform for digitization


For a long time, Anticimex has been working with the "classic" sales process. The actual sales process has not changed, but thanks to GetAccept, Anticimex has been able to develop and refine the methodology for its sales processes as well as for other processes such as employment agreements, employer branding, and other documents for internal use.

Before Anticimex started using GetAccept, following up on their business was a major challenge. Erik Pernling, Controller at Anticimex, considers this to be a significant change, as they now have a completely different overview and can easily follow their business much more effectively.

”Following up on our sales processes was one of our biggest challenges before we started using GetAccept. Now we have a great overview of our entire business. With the right insights, we can gather information in completely new ways, allowing us to refine and prioritize our activities.”

According to Erik, one of the most important reasons for deciding to invest in a digital tool was the opportunity for salespeople to remain just salespeople, spend time prospecting, meeting customers, and doing business. The product was originally released to a limited group of people that Anticimex considered as " early adopters ". There was also a distinct goal, and this combined with the limited user group made people curious and it was obvious that the need came from the organization.

”At first, our KAM salespeople were somewhat skeptical and said that their business was of such dignity that they needed to make a real agreement. However, they were quickly convinced that it is just as good to close larger deals digitally.”


Smooth integration with the Lime CRM system

Anticimex has been using the CRM system Lime for many years, which is now integrated into GetAccept. The smooth integration allows Anticimex to continue to work in its existing CRM system while having access to all of GetAccept's features.

”Many of the applications we use today are covered by the standard solution. We didn't have to make as many customizations, which is nice since customizations often lead to increased complexity and higher costs. Of course, we have been able to use logos, etc. internally to "anticimexify" the solution, which makes our customers get the feeling that this comes from us.”

Digital signing of Anticimex contracts should be easy and smooth
Since the transition from analog to digital quote management, the closing rate of Anticimex has increased, but above all, faster processes have been streamlined. From lead times of 3 weeks to now significantly shorter because their customers find it easy and smooth to sign their agreements digitally.


"We want to be at the cutting edge when it comes to our customer service. It is very important that we are credible in what we are doing and that we change from traditional processes to digital processes. Our quotes will become more vivid with the video and chat features of GetAccept!”


GetAccept always meets our expectations

Anticimex and GetAccept challenge each other through our good relationship. GetAccept uses Anticimex as a pilot project and in this way, we are breaking new ground together.


 ”Thanks to GetAccept, we never need to worry. I think we are just scratching at the surface. GetAccept always meets our expectations and we develop together.” 


- Erik Pernling, Controller at Anticimex



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