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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and reach hit rates of 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

ASCD customer case

“I don't know why every sales rep wouldn't want to use GetAccept.”


"There are very few tools that can help sales reps during the closing stages. It saves them time, gives them insight, and differentiates them from every competitor in the market. I don't know why every sales rep wouldn't want to use GetAccept."

Brandon Cohen

Senior Director of National Sales at ASCD

The challenge

ASCD was struggling with the last stages in their sales process. Many of their potential deals would get to the closing stages, but would then stall or, worse yet, decide not to proceed. The hardest part for the sales team was that they would not see the resistance from the potential client coming, which means they could never take proactive steps to ensure their deals proceeded to close. Many times they would not realize that there were other players involved that needed to be included on the deal. They were also finding it difficult searching for a solution that would help differentiate them from the rest of the crowded market. The team needed more deal insights and a way to stand out from competitors.

The solution

When GetAccept was first introduced to the ASCD team, they were a bit hesitant to buy into it. Once they understood GetAccept was created to help them save time and give them a competitive edge, they quickly adopted it as their go-to tool for closing deals. The team started by sending their final contracts through to their clients to be eSigned, but quickly found other use cases. Now they send interested customers a one-pager with a trial code that can be shared and tracked. ASCD knows the exact interest level of their potential client and who in the organization is interested in trying their digital products. This insight helps them be more proactive when reaching out with follow-ups. Add in the personalization with the introduction videos and the tracking with live notifications, and the sales team was set to succeed.

The result

Sales Reps
After their initial hesitation buying into GetAccept, ASCD's sales reps became adopters and big fans of the platform. At first they thought it was going to be a tool that would slow them and their deals down from closing, but they quickly realized the opposite. GetAccept's ability to help them stand out from competitors and give them visibility where they'd always played a guessing game in the past made their job easier, and ultimately, more enjoyable.

Now when they send out their trial slide deck or sales contracts, they know exactly when it's opened, who all viewed it, and can get a feel for their level of interest. This ensures they can prioritize their deals accordingly and chase dead end opportunities, leading to better efficiency when closing out their deal board. The reps also love the engagement features in GetAccept and how the platform creates new opportunities for them to interact with their potential clients. They get notified on their phone (or Apple Watch) when one of their potential clients opens their contract, giving them the chance to reach out in the chat and continue building rapport.

All of these factors result in the sales team loving GetAccept, but more importantly, finding more joy and purpose in their jobs. They don't understand why every sales rep doesn't use the platform because it gives them a sixth sense when closing deals, which ultimately leads to higher commission checks in their wallets!

Sales Managers
With so many contracts being sent, it was difficult for the sales reps to stay on top of them all. This caused the team a bit of stress when they had discussions with their sales managers about how the deals were progressing. With limited visibility, it was hard for the reps to explain why some of the contracts weren't closed out, which in turn made it difficult for their managers to offer suggestions or lend a hand.

The document engagement tracking was a game-changer for the managers because the sales team could give knowledgeable insight about what was happening to the contracts once sent to potential clients. With these insights, the managers could then use their sales experience and recommend the best approach to closing the deal. This means the sales managers could focus on what they were hired to do, coaching and developing their sales team to succeed.


Quick facts

Who: Brandon Cohen, Senior Director of National Sales, ASCD

Industry: Educational Services

Favorite functions

  • Personalized video introductions
  • Document engagement tracking
  • Chat and conversation starter
  • Push notifications to phone

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ASCD's 3 best tips for increased sales:

1. Differentiate yourself and always think about how you can stand out from the crowd.

2. Follow-through. It is easy to send a proposal, but many reps struggle on what to do next. Assess the deal and be agile when adjusting accordingly.

3. Continue to build the relationship, before, during, and after the sale.

Brandon Cohen

Senior Director of National Sales at ASCD