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Customers Stories - The True Story

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chargebee + getaccept

Chargebee got a more effective communication with buyers

"We were looking for a solution to allow us to use videos to engage prospects, send trackable sales materials, forward proposals, and gather signatures on contracts all within Freshsales CRM. GetAccept was the answer."

Germain Brion, VP Sales at Chargebee
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Nordic Hotels and Resorts shortened their sales cycle by 50 %

"Since implementing GetAccept to our CRM SuperOffice, we have shortened the sales cycle by 50%. 

Mikael Österlund, VP Commercial Performance tells how they have gone from slow manual flows to innovative simple processes:

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Ess group logo

ESS-group increased sales by 50%

"That month I hit a record, lying on the beach, several miles away from the office. It was amazing."

Sales Manager Magnus Tummalid tells about his best experiences with GetAccept

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Sigstr optimizes their Sales, Success, & Hiring by connecting GetAccept with Salesforce & Google Docs

"Being able to use GetAccept in every facet of sales and HR process has allowed our team to get more creative with the things that they are sending to people."

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Tele2 black logo

TELE2 secured their sales processes

"We like how GetAccept focuses on getting more contracts signed - not just the possibility of e-signing."

Simon Klejnstrup Möller explains how GetAccept helped TELE2 develop its sales processes

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Preem logo

Preem received new, modern signing flows

"We have been able to digitize all our processes, flows and approvals and in short have become more efficient."

Business Relations Manager Beverly Axelsson tells the story how they went from manual to digital workflows

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Goava logo

Goava doubled sales 

"I never needed someone to sell GetAccept to me. I got some insights about how this could help us in Goava and I just decided to go for it. We were enlightened!"

Johan Rogebrant, CEO of Goava, explains how they managed to increase sales by over 100% within 6 months

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Weblify logo

Weblify signs 20% more quotes

"I was recommended GetAccept at a sales meeting."

CEO and founder Joachim Wernersson explains how they could shorten the time for the sellers and simplify for the customers

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Copperhill badge logo

Copperhill Mountain Lodge takes 20% more business

"If I should pick out some benefits then the stress of not having the time needed to keep up, as you could have before, is completely gone."

Jenny Viklund, responsible for sales within group and conference, explains how the increased sales by 20%

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Bravura logo

Bravura became more efficient

"Today we use GetAccept for more parts than we thought from the beginning and we can see that we save time."

Business Developer Johan Forsberg tells how they could secure the candidates 'and customers' personal data by GDPR

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Finqr logo

FINQR receives 100% more approved quotes

"For all of us control people out there this is a godsend."

CEO and co-founder Jacob Carlbring tells how they have speeded up their processes and knocked out the competition

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Santek logo

SanTek Camera Surveillance got 100% control over their quotes

"For us it was flow management and the opportunity to actually follow the deal all the way."

Sales Manager Joakim Svensson explains how they raised the quality of their follow-up and each contact point:

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Svenska moten logo

Swedish meetings were given increased control

"You log in and get a helicopter view of the whole new sale, which gives less manual work."

Sales Manager Pontus Espoo explains how they got control of their contracts with the help of overview and user-friendliness

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OT Group increased close rate on sent agreements

"We were in need of a fresh new way to deliver quotes and contracts to our potential customers. We were used to emailing PDFs back and forth, but this only slowed the process and there was nothing to help us stand out from our competition. GetAccept was our answer and we've seen great results."

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EMG logo

Education Media Group improved its processes from start to finish

"We still have a lot of sales by phone and in those cases video is a perfect complement!"

Mattias Säker, sales manager at Education Media Group, tells how they have gone from slow manual flows to innovative simple processes:

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