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Learn how other companies reinvented their proposal, quote, and contract workflows with GetAccept. 

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diners club logo black

Delivers application forms right
within Pipedrive

"Impressive from the start - our first call, to implementation, to expanding our usage! GetAccept's customer care team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to more innovations and features in the product!"

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Samsung secured their contract processes

 “The best thing about GetAccept is that it is very EASY to sign contracts and other document, both internally and externally. Earlier, the process could take a week, now it's done within a day. The record is 10 minutes!"

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image of skylabs logo_

SkyLab delivers contracts
within seconds by syncing GetAccept to Pipedrive

"The best eSigning software I've used to date! Its connection to Pipedrive makes it so easy for the team and I to get contracts out to our prospects!"

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Chargebee got a more effective communication with buyers

"We were looking for a solution to allow us to use videos to engage prospects, send trackable sales materials, forward proposals, and gather signatures on contracts all within Freshsales CRM. GetAccept was the answer." 

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Grupo genite logo

Grupo Gente delights customers

"GetAccept has allowed our business to generate a true competitive advantage, one that our clients truly appreciate. It's a gruesome past with a very happy ending."

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Vainu logo - new

Vainu Increased their hit rate by 35%

"GetAccept helps our salespeople know who and when to contact their clients. With better insights, the tool helps us prioritize our time and close more deals!"

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Sonic uses the API
to sell & onboard customers 
faster than ever

"My absolute favorite part is the API. The amount of power that gives to an organization is virtually unlimited... seamless integrations into other systems, reporting, user metrics, dashboards, and updates to the CRM/deals."

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crisp video logo

Crisp Video boosted their sessions

"Whenever anyone asks about eSigning or sales enablement, I don’t know if a better solution exists!
It's the easiest to use, has the right features, best adoption, and removes the barriers with eSignatures."

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sigstr logo

Sigstr optimizes
their Sales, Success, & Hiring by connecting GetAccept with Salesforce & Google Docs

"Being able to use GetAccept in every facet of sales and HR process has allowed our team to get more creative with the things that they are sending to people."

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ASCD logo

ASCD exceeds industry standards

"There are very few tools that can help sales reps during the closing stages. It saves them time, gives them insight, and differentiates them from every competitor in the market.
I don't know why every sales rep wouldn't want to use GetAccept."

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Nordic Hotels and Resorts shortened their sales cycle by 50 %

"Since implementing GetAccept to our CRM SuperOffice, we have shortened the sales cycle by 50%. 

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OT group logo

OT Group i
ncreased close rate on sent agreements

"We were in need of a fresh new way to deliver quotes and contracts to our potential customers.  GetAccept was our answer and we've seen great results."

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Ess group logo

ESS-group increased sales by 50%

"That month I hit a record, lying on the beach, several miles away from the office. It was amazing."

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Tele2 black logo

TELE2 secured their sales processes

"We like how GetAccept focuses on getting more contracts signed - not just the possibility of e-signing."

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Preem logo

Preem received new, modern signing flows

"We have been able to digitize all our processes, flows and approvals and in short have become more efficient."

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Goava logo

Goava doubled their sales 

"I never needed someone to sell GetAccept to me. I got some insights about how this could help us in Goava and I just decided to go for it. We were enlightened!"

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Weblify logo

Weblify signs 20% more quotes

“I was recommended GetAccept at a sales meeting. The guy said "I will send you a quote via a tool called GetAccept. Whether you buy from us or not, you should buy GetAccept."

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Copperhill badge logo

Copperhill Mountain Lodge takes 20% more business

"If I should pick out some benefits then the stress of not having the time needed to keep up, as you could have before, is completely gone."

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Bravura logo

Bravura stands out from competitors by sending
hiring contracts with video

"Today we use GetAccept for more parts than we thought from the beginning and we can see that we save time. ”

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Finqr logo

FINQR receives 100% more approved quotes

“For all of us control people, this is a godsend. I don't like when you don't know what's going on. Now I send out quotes earlier, check the pipe and know what is going in.”

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Bravida Fire & Security got 100% control over their quotes

"For us, it was flow management and the opportunity to actually follow the deal all the way. The sellers experience it as the best tool for answers. "

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Svenska moten logo

Swedish meetings were given increased control

“I like the ease of use. You log in and get a helicopter view of the whole new sale, which gives less manual work. Before GetAccept we sent our quotes and agreements by mail. It sounds the right stone age, now that you say it! ”

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EMG logo

Education Media Group improved its processes from start to finish

“We still have a lot of sales by phone and there is video perfect! We always use video and film the entire team to show weight and security. Our customers like the solution! ”

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