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Increased profitability and improved relationships

How to reduce the gap between people in a digital world?

The world and the way we work is constantly changing and we are forced to get better control over our workflows. Customers also expect a completely different approach and competence from their suppliers - It is not enough to carry out activities and decisions based on your gut feeling. In this webinar, Erik Holmen, Country Manager at GetAccept Norway, is getting visited by Sales Director at SuperOffice Norway, Henning Kind Petersen. Henning has 35 years of experience from B2B sales and is passionate about how leaders can acquire the necessary insight and control to be able to support your salespeople and sales team in their sales processes. Furthermore, he has seen the importance of how managers should be focusing on and prioritizing follow-up of salespeople in a systematic way as possible.

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How to create desired value and full effect of online events in The New Normal?

Webinar with Oslo Business Forum

Webinars and other digital events are a hot topic for many businesses in The New Normal. How should companies succeed in this, while achieving the desired value and effect for participants and organizers? Many people have challenges with this in relation to the transition from physical to online events. GetAccept will together with Andreas Kustås, Executive Producer in Oslo Business Forum and Nordic Business Forum, talk about this in our upcoming webinar. In this webinar you will gain insight into and learn more about how Oslo Business Forum works in this exciting field and share their experiences on what works and what does not work in the new normal!

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Virtual event

Breakit SaaS Summit

Get ready for a new digital experience

The Nordic's first digital meeting ground for all the hottest SaaS companies. The SaaS industry is advancing rapidly – even more so during turbulent times and when a lot of businesses start working remotely. 

Tune in to learn more! 

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Automate everything (almost)

Finally! The GetAccept integration with Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps is here. 

Automation is a hot theme right now, and to be able to automate workflows you first need to be digital. Today, 40% of the business is still done on paper. In this webinar we are bringing in the experts from Microsoft and GetAccept to take you through the first steps of how to start automating your Microsoft environment using Microsoft Power Automate and PowerApps together with GetAccept. 

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