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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Turn static PDFs into dynamic
& stunning proposals

PDFs are great when there is little-to-no need to edit them after sending, or you have a team member who is responsible for creating and updating PDF documents. 

Otherwise, they slow down your sales process.

Why? Because PDFs are static, but sales is not.

When negotiating a deal, you need to be in constant communication with your prospects and have the ability to implement agreed changes quickly to keep everyone engaged and aligned.

If you are using PDFs, your prospects may end up with multiple versions and it may be unclear which proposal is the latest version.

What a nightmare.

Luckily, you can replace multiple static PDFs with one live, dynamic document. 

Our editor, combined with the Content Library, makes it easier to:

  • Create and update templates en masse
  • Edit documents on the fly for an ongoing deal to keep your prospects up to date
  • Create professional-looking quotes even for complex pricing tables
  • Add signature fields to collect all needed signatures faster
  • Avoid broken layouts caused by character limits and static tables/fields

To top it off, the dynamic content adapts and responds to different devices, so your sendout looks modern and clean even if your prospects open it on their phone. 

In this webinar you will see GetAccept Editor Blocks in action, so your team can spend more time engaging customers and less time fixing static PDFs.  

GA_Product Webinar_15th Dec_Web


December 15, 2022

30 min + Q&A

Philip Axtelius,
Senior CSM @ GetAccept

Thyra Evenäs Brandt,
Senior CSM @ GetAccept



00:00-3:45 Introduction
03:45-11:50 Demo: PDF documents VS Dynamic editor-based proposals
11:50-14:20 Demo: Custom fields
14:20-16:05 Demo: Pricing tables
16:05-17:44 New feature: Signature element
17:45- 23:16 Demo: Create a sendout from pre-designed templates
23:16-32:35 Demo: Negotiate and edit your sendout as a deal progresses
32:35-45:12 Q&A

Check this Digital Sales Room for more info.

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