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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Increase company-wide business efficiency with GetAccept Automations

“Do I really have to update these CRM fields every time?”

Actually, no, you don’t! You also don’t need to spend hours organizing files into folders or sending personalized messages and documents to be signed.  

All of these repetitive tasks can be automated!

GetAccept Automations helps reduce tedious work, eliminate human errors, and decrease the lag time between your team and customers. You and your team can finally have more time to do things you are passionate about.

The best part about these automations is that everyone in the company can benefit from them!

For Sales:
Automatically send sales material when a new lead is assigned, auto-fill customer info, change deal statuses, and store contracts within your storage software.

For Customer Onboarding: 
After a contract is signed and the deal is closed, automatically hand off related customer information from sales to the customer success team.

For HR:  Organize candidates’ information, automate correspondences, and personalize the interviewing process.  

For Finance:
Streamline the quote-to-cash process by automatically creating purchase details, notifying customers, and collecting payments.

On Feb 7th, Alan Sincich and Ali Ali demonstrated how GetAccept Automations work and share some detailed use cases.

Check below to see the recording, timestamps, and the Digital Sales Room with more information.



Feb 7th

30 min + Q&A

Ali Ali,
Head of Sales US @ GetAccept

Alan Sincich,
Product Marketing Manager @ GetAccept



0:00-2:35 Introduction & Agenda
3:32-9:21 How does automation impact your work? 
9:22-14:57 GetAccept triggers & actions
14:58-30:50 Use cases by department
30:51-38:25 Demo time!
38:26-41:02 Q&A

Check this Digital Sales Room for more info.

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