From contact to contract: Deal room walkthrough

Ever counted the emails it takes to close a deal?

Do you send 5 for friendly intros and 11 for looping every stakeholder in, followed by at least 23 attachments and proposal revisions?

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re in the right place at the right time!

In a quick 30-minute walkthrough, Kiera and Nick will show you how to replace endless emails and attachments with a single, streamlined deal room — from the first meeting through discovery and negotiation to getting that signed deal.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect and engage with all stakeholders from the get-go;
  • Share introductions, meeting notes, customer stories, initial pricing, etc., in one place;
  • Leverage mutual action plans to move the deal forward.

Learn more about the one room to rule and streamline them all!

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deal room walkthrough

March 21, 2024

13:00 EST

30 min


Kiera Bretscher Customer Success Manager

Kiera Bretscher

Customer Success Manager

Nick Szurgyi Account Executive

Nick Szurgyi

Account Executive

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