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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Webinar - Recording below 🎬👇

Explore the new features from GetAccept

GetAccept has always been about making life easier for both buyers and sellers by enabling and empowering digital sales interaction.

Since May, we have released a lot of new features that allow users to create any type of document in-app, and make it personal, on-brand, and engaging.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • How to easily create documents from scratch using the editor block
  • How to use the video block to add a touch of personalization and clarity
  • How to engage recipients with any content from the web with the link block
  • How to use the content library as your control center for all your content
  • And much more!


Recorded on
October 14th, 2021 

1 hour

🚀 Philip Axtelius , CEM @ GetAccept
🚀Thyra Brandt, CEM @ GetAccept


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Missed it? Don’t Worry!

Tune in and listen to the recording when Philip & Thyra go through the new features of GetAccept. Q&A from the webinar can be found below.


Q: How can I get access to the new features?

A: All admins in GetAccept can turn the functions on by pressing “turn it on” when pop up “Get the latest Sales Engagement features!” comes up. Ask your admin for this if you are a user. If you're Admin and don´t manage please contact our support. You have endless usage if you are on the Professional or Enterprise + plan. You have limited access if you are on the Free or Essential plan. The easiest way to find out if you have the features switched on is if you see the “Content Library” in the left-hand panel. 

Q: I do not have the little pen on the right edge. How to edit contracts that have already been sent?

A: Check if you have the new functions turned on. The easiest way is to see if you have “Content Library” in the left-hand panel. If not → contact your Admin to switch it on.
Make sure you searched for the little pen in the correct place, in an already sent document. If you are in the Content Library on templates or resources there will be no pen. There you can edit directly.

Q: We use it for proposals that are made through Upsales. I see that the edit function doesn't work then?

A: The edit function can’t be done in Upsales. If you want to edit before or after it has been sent then you can “open GetAccept” and complete the edit from there. We are looking into having more GetAccept features to the chrome extension integrations.

Q: Is the edit-function only for blocks or can I exchange a pdf page that is inside the uploaded document?

A: Yes, you can always upload your contract as a pdf. You can combine the pdf contract with the new functions. You can not edit your uploaded pdf inside GetAccept. We advise you to replicate the contract you have in the new Editorblock. You build it from scratch but can copy and paste it from your pdf contract.

Q: Our customers are used to sign contracts on paper. This looks very weby and nice. How does it look if you have a more ordinary user agreement and contract?

A: We showed an example of a send-out during the webinar.  You have the possibility to build your own templates and you put your own look on your templates.

Q: Can you force someone to watch an instructional video before signing a document?

A: No you can’t. The product team has got this feature request. We keep you posted if this will be released.

Q: What about spam...with lots of pictures
A: Our deliverance team for emails ensures that GetAccept mail does not end up in spam. You can also share a document link that you can send with your own email.

Q: We are a French company and it is sometimes difficult for our customers to read the information in English

A: You can fill your templates and resources with any language. The language settings are also according to the browser settings on the recipient's side, e.g if it's set in French it will be French on buttons and prompts. Read more about languages supported within GetAccept platform here.

Q: What is the maximum length of a video?

A: Max 120 MB

Q: Will we be able to choose the language? 

A: You can fill your templates and resources with any language. The language settings are also according to the browser settings on the recipient's side, e.g if it's set in French it will be French on buttons and prompts. Read more about languages supported within GetAccept platform here.

Q: If I have only a document to sign by myself, your solution is so complicated. Have to send it to myself to sign it. Do you have a smarter solution?

A: Thanks for this input. Getting curious about the use case. Our platform is mainly built for a relation with at least two parties and possibilities like signing orders, different roles, and so forth. Signing only yourself sounds to us like a small part of a broader case. We like to challenge you! Although we will bring this to our product department. As of today, you have to send it to yourself, but to make it slightly smoother you can add a template with you as a recipient so you don't have to fill it in from time to time.

Q: What is the maximum storage volume at the content library

A: Unlimited.

Q: Can I also add a document after sending it? Or only CHANGE in the document?

A: Yes, you can add more content. Instead of using the little pen in the upper right corner where you do changes inside an existing block → Go to the “hamburger menu” → “Create a new version”, from here you can upload any document or add a template or resource.

Q: Can you copy a template or resource?

A: Yes you can copy a template. Create “+” (up in the right corner) → Template

Once you are here, choose “ use template”:

For a resource it is not relevant since the idea of the resource is that you use it over and over again, simply add any resource into your send out, or in other words, a way of copying it ;)

Q: What are the benefits of using a Hubspot plug-in?
A: Working from the CRM plug-in gives you the benefits to work from opportunities and accounts to populate the CRM data to the editor merge tags automatically. The signed document will be saved as an attachment in Hubspot and you can start workflows inside Hubspot, e.g create a task after a document has been signed. You can pick the template in Hubspot, fill in all the fields, record the video, etc. A smooth process.

Q: Are you planning to be able to change text color in textblock?
A: Yes we will add more color options in the textblock, it is in our roadmap.

Q: Are those features available for all users or only superusers?
A: They are available for everyone! To switch the functionalities on, you need to be an Admin/superuser in the system.

Q: Can we actually copy-paste an Excel Table in the editor mode?

A: Yes you can. Simply add a table in GetAccept Editor block. Mark the columns and rows you have in excel, copy and paste. Make sure you paste it in a table in GetAccept:

Q: How can you use a background while recording a video? Like possible in teams. There are workarounds on the net for your solution, but...

A: Thanks for this input! Not possible as of today to e.g blur your background or choose a picture. However, you can always upload any film you made from your computer or phone that might have this functionality. Will forward your request to our product team.

Q: Do you have a sandbox facility?

A: Yes upon request. Talk to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team if you have this need.

Q: I have a question about integration to our CRM Upsales. Is it possible to get information from chat, calendar, singing, the valley of death, and so on?

A: Not at the moment. In the CRM you can see the insights and tracking and signed documents. We are looking into having more GetAccept features for the chrome extension integrations. 

Q: Is it planned to add a "back" button while editing the templates?

A: In the Editor element we have this panel with an “undo” “redo” button:

You can always use the short command “Cmd + Z” - it works as well! 

Q: I cannot create and use a template in our SuperOffice-integration without adding a PDF into the template. Why?

A: The Superoffice integration with the new templates is not fully up and running. We are working on it and aiming for a solution during this quarter. 

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