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Sales Enablement

Do you spend time trying to figure out why your customers don't respond? With GetAccept's sales enablement platform you will engage your buyers like never before. Leverage your sales funnel with data-driven analytics, sales automation, and personalized engagement features. 

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Increase Sales Effectiveness with GetAccept


Sales enablement helps you sell faster! Customer tracking analytics and document monitoring provides a fast way for you to focus on sales leads without worrying about losing clients.


Leveraging sales enablement data is easy! Send your first contract within minutes! Create proposals and integrate GetAccept into your existing CRM tools.

Support Teams

GetAccept provides wide ranging and enterprise support to large teams who span across a global landscape. We support your sales enablement efforts! 

What is Sales Enablement?

Manage All Sales Documents

Manage your sales documents, design creative presentations, and personalize your relationship with each client within GetAccept's sales enablement platform.

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Sales Tracking Software

With our sales tracking software, you can manage deal collateral by leveraging customer buyer information throughout the sales process. GetAccept provides sales enablement data from the initial sales meeting to the final eSigned contract. Never lose track of a customer's needs with GetAccept.

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Sales Engagement

Our online sales enablement platform provides you with live chat, video, and SMS functions. Engage with your customers like never before, working remote from anywhere anytime. Personalize the seller-buyer relationship with each sales contract. 

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B2B Sales Tool Feature: Real-Time Editing

Do you often revise and resend sales quotes once you’ve sent them? With GetAccept, real-time document editing saves you time. Increase your sales efficiency by modifying your sales contracts without ever having to resend. Just notify your client, and let them eSign with the touch of a button.



Important features and benefits

Automated Follow-Up

Smart follow-up based on customer behavior means that sales reps can focus on bringing in new clients and exciting leads rather than spending time following up on outstanding quotes.


Approve via Email or SMS

Adapt communication channels according to your needs – with GetAccept you can send documents and notifications via email or text. You can choose to automate all workflows to your customer's needs.


Chat – A New Communication Channel

New and innovative communication channels are becoming a must in order to close more deals. GetAccept has a built-in chat function that allows you and the customer to interact within the document.


Fast and Secure Deliveries

GetAccept offers the fastest deliveries of email and text messages on the market. Striking while the iron is hot is key, making fast deliveries is crucial.


Available Customer Support

Even though our all-in-one platform is a leader in user-friendliness, we also understand the importance of meaningful customer support. You can always reach us via email, chat, or phone if you need help getting started.


Easy Implementation

Starting to use GetAccept is easy, and you’ll be able to send your first contract within minutes. Integrate GetAccept's sales enablement platform with your existing CRM systems.


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