Main features

Explore the full breadth of how a digital sales room empowers you to provide a complete digital selling and buying experience in one engaging shared space to shorten your sales cycle. 

Main features
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Proposals & Contracts
  • CPQ - Configure Price Quote
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Mutual Action Plan
  • Automations
  • Sales Content Management
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Sales Engagement
  • Customer Success

Electronic Signatures

GetAccept makes it easier for your client to sign a contract with electronic signature. Remove the friction between buyer and seller, get documents signed in real time and shorten sales cycles by 400%.

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Proposals & Contracts

Scale your proposal creation process. GetAccept’s proposal management feature allows you to craft stunning sales proposals, and understand which content wins so your reps can shorten their sales cycle.

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CPQ - Configure Price Quote

Our configure, price, quote solution empowers sales teams to create and send out professional proposals with accurate product quotes and pricing information. In just a few clicks, send pricing tables tailored to a buyer’s specific needs to get deals one step closer to a signature.

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Tracking & Analytics

Gain real-time insights on how prospects interact with your proposals, map new stakeholders when your content is forwarded, and shorten the sales cycle by acting straight away.

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Mutual Action Plan

GetAccept’s mutual action plan function allows you to provide an even better buyer experience and build momentum with prospects. Set an action plan with your buyers to collaboratively understand what needs to be done to close the deal.

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Automations at scale help move your sales process quickly from one step to the next. Minimize time and resource consumption, accelerate turnaround, reduce dependencies and improve sales efficiency with workflow automations that easily connect with CRM and ERP systems.

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Sales Content Management

Do you feel like you’re losing out because your sales team is not using the latest sales content at its disposal? Give them a unified and user-friendly content repository, so they can easily find and share the right content at the right time to push buyers down the sales funnel.

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Notifications & Reminders

Did your prospect forget to read your quote? Was your deal stalled because you forgot to follow up? Never again. GetAccept makes it easy for you to automate your reminder workflows and get notified about the latest interactions on your document.

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Sales Engagement

Stop emailing static PDFs and start engaging buyers. Turn proposals into the communication center of your sales process with personalized buyer interactions and in real time collaboration to build trust instantly.

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Customer Success

A product is nothing without quality support for its users. At GetAccept, we pride ourselves in delivering world class support and onboarding to our customers to ensure they can use the full breadth of our platform.

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Our customers love us

samsung puma jeeng CHEQ SATS
  • Richard Smith - Licensing Director - Digital Theatre

    You guys did absolutely everything, and the relationship was awesome. Other suppliers within the same space did not give us the care, attention, and consultation that GetAccept was able to.

    Richard Smith, Licensing Director, Digital Theatre

  • Christopher Maricle - Executive Director - Head Start California

    GetAccept will be like your first smartphone. You won’t know how you lived without it.

    Christopher Maricle, Executive Director, Head Start California

  • David McClean - Managing Partner - SDR Systems Group

    GetAccept has helped us gain better insight into how long and who within a company is reviewing our proposal. GetAccept has given us the power to know where to focus in the sales cycle.

    David McClean, Managing Partner, SDR Systems Group

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