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What is an electronic signature software

What you should know about eSignature software

An eSignature is a digital way of putting a signature to a paper.  An eSignature can take the form of a sound, symbol, or process. eSignature technology provides an appealing alternative to the traditional methods of preparing, sending, signing, and verifying documents, agreements, and contracts. eSignature software provides users with the ability to securely collect signatures on electronic records, such as sales collaterals and employment documents.

Sending a contract or other document that requires signatures electronically becomes even more convenient when you can ensure that the documents are both shared and stored securely. Aside from the paperless work environment that eSignature software helps create, it also does its best to minimize the anxiety of waiting on the recipient to sign and send back the contract, without knowing if the document has been received or seen. 


Key benefits of eSignature software

There are many benefits to using eSignature software. The primary benefit is efficiency; with eSignature software creating a fully digital process that allows contracts to be sent, edited and signed over email much faster than through the postal system. This eliminates the long paper trail involved with contracts, reducing printing and physical file storage. An eSignature platform can not only reduced wasted labor hours in creating and reconciling agreements but can also ensure you receive a completed & signed result faster.

Who uses eSignature software?

Most eSigning solutions are leveraged to finalize business sales collateral such as proposals and contracts. The technology is utilized in a variety of vertical industries, for example, IT & Tech, Telecom & Media, Commercial Real Estate & Brokers, Wholesales & Retails, Transportation & Logistics, Utilities & Green Energy, Consulting & Professional Services.


Different kind of eSignature software

Electronic Signatures – eSignature refers broadly to any type of electronic authentication method, that method simply needs to verify the signer identity. eSignatures have the ability to come equipped with multi-factor authentication to align with increased measures of security when necessary, whilst also creating an audit trail.

Digital Signatures –  The term digital signature refers to a very specific type of eSignature. Digital signatures are a more robust form of e-signature in terms of security. The digital signature is generally validated through Certificate Authorities (CAs) or Trust Service Providers (TSPs). While both e-signatures and digital signatures can be used for a variety of business purposes, the later is most commonly used with processes that have higher variables of risk.

The main thing to keep in mind is that an electronic signature is generally used to collect someone else’s signature, while a digital signature is used to add your own signature to a document to prove its authenticity.


eSignature software features

Document signing — Allows the signer to easily and intuitively sign documents

Reminders and expirations — Reminds signers of documents that are waiting to be signed and of document expiration dates

Mobile — Users can easily send and sign documents on any mobile device

Signature workflow — Senders and/or administrators can easily set up and track documents through multiple signature steps

Multiple signatures — Ability to send documents requiring a specific number of signers at once

Reporting — Provides reports and easy creation of custom reports to manage the signature process

Signature history and audit — Tracks all document signing history to comply with required regulations

Enterprise scalability — Provides features to facilitate scale for large organizations

Custom branding — Custom branding can be applied through the signature process

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