We are proud to announce a great integration with Lime Go CRM. With this integration you can send sales documents, contracts, presentations or similar directly from Lime Go in a few mouse clicks. From the deal you can then open the document in GetAccept and follow and act on important insights in real-time.

Lime Go integration in GetAccept helps you send sales documents with tracking and automation

Using the integration helps you take control of your sent documents and organize them to see what stage they are at in the sales process. Real-time data show you what page and for how long time they've been browsing the documents to get deep insights and understanding of the client. This information will also give you an advantage for next follow-up as their time spent might give a hint on obstacles or extra interesting parts of your sales proposal.

Using GetAccept sales automation and document management software you will push deals forward with smart and automated actions. Based on activities from your recipients GetAccept will help you to find the perfect timing for next follow-up or fully automate the process for you. Some of the ways to communicate is email reminders, text-messages, auto-chat messages and retargeting campaigns to important decision makers. When your recipients are ready to accept the order they can use the built-in, safe and secure e-signature technology - and your deal gets closed.

How it works

Lime Go and GetAccept are powerful sales tools to help salespeople close more deals
  • 1. Add the GetAccept Chrome extension (You must use Google Chrome as your web browser).
  • 2. The extension will be activated when you are loged in in Lime Go.
  • 3. Click the extension button in the top right corner and use your GetAccept credentials to login (You only need to do this once).
  • 4. On a deal in LIME Go you have a new button, GetAccept. Click that button to start your send out. (see picture above).
  • 5. The modal will summarize the information used and you can upload the document(s).
  • 6. The deal name, deal value and attached company and contact will be added to the send out.
  • 7. Choose if you would like to send the the document directly or open it in GetAccept to add video or edit any part before sending.
  • 8. The document status will be presented in LIME Go and you will always have a link to the document.
Lime Go and GetAccept are two powerful sales tools by salespeople to help you close more deals
(The Lime go integration is included with the GetAccept Pro-license.)