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GetAccept with Upsales

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Collect everything in one place. Manage documents, track, send and sign directly from Upsales with the integration to GetAccept.
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Why integrate Upsales with GetAccept?

An integration between GetAccept and Upsales means that you don't have to switch between different interfaces - so you be more efficient in closing deals. With the integration you have the customer data and all related documents in one place. Easily track customer behavior in order to increase dialogue effectiveness.

With the integration you can:

  • Add recipients directly from your contact location
  • Use templates with smart fields that are automatically populated with the information you have in your CRM
  • Activate or deactivate some functionality in GetAccept, directly from Upsales
  • Track the activity in any document and get notifications as soon as something occures


Engage at every touch point

Two of the most popular features of GetAccept are the Live Chat and Video functions. The Upsales integration allows you to easily record your personal video directly in your Upsales environment. The chat feature allows you to answer any customer questions instantaneously, wherever you are!

By remaining in your own Upsales environment, you have a unique opportunity to engage using your brand in order to build customer trust!




Sales automation and tracking made simple

Tracking your documents is super easy for the integration with GetAccept. By clicking on a sent document you can see how long your recipient has spent on each individual page - which makes it possible for you to understand what your customer is interested in.

Automate reminders based on whether the customer has opened or signed the document. Customize your message and let the system remind you, without having to lift a finger. Boost your efficiency!

Install GetAccept to your Upsales CRM

1. Add the GetAccept Chrome extension (Google Chrome required).
2. The integration will be activated when you are logged into Upsales.
3. Click the GetAccept icon in your browser and use your GetAccept login details to log in - or create a free test account.
4. When you are in a Contact, a Corporate Card or a Deal you will see the GetAccept panel on the right. The panel allows you to create, develop, or work through previous customer conversations.
5. Select the recipient from your contact card or use the search function. Choose what role the recipient should have (signer or recipient) and then decide whether to use a template or upload a document. Don't forget to add your video (personal, pre-recorded) or record a new one using the GetAccept app. Then click send!
6. The document's status and recipient's activities will appear in Upsales. You will see viewer duration and other tracking analytic for each document.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want a demo of the integration!

This integration is included in GetAccept Business. 

Track Your Documents

Keep track of your documents in real time, both on the phone and inside Upsales. Know exactly your recipient's behavior so you can close deals quickly.

Have A Coffee break

Get more time when business comes in easier and faster than ever. The secure digital signature makes it easy for your recipient to accept!

Modern Communication

Show that you are at the forefront of modern communication. Explain your service with video, answer questions in the Live Chat, and show off your brand - all the way to the closed deal.

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