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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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GetAccept integration


Streamline your recruitment process and eliminate time thieves in the hiring process with the help of Teamtailor together with GetAccept. Create, send, e-sign agreements and documents directly from Teamtailor.

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Teamtailor integration

Imagine an all-in-one integration to engage with your candidates in a personal and efficient way through the employee contract, live chat, document tracking and electronic signature.


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Why integrate GetAccept with Teamtailor

E-sign within Teamtailor

Create, send and e-sign agreements directly in Teamtailor. Save time by adding recipients you already have in Teamtailor and fill in fields automatically with information from the recruitment system. Click submit and you are done. GetAccept gives you the opportunity to have full control of the recruitment flow, from first contact to signed contract.

Improved communication

Communicate with your candidates and make the recruitment process more personal. Introduce important documents and other material with full traceability. Send a pre-recorded or personal video, directly from Teamtailor. If the candidate has questions, they can ask them directly through the chat within the sent document, you receive real-time notifications and can in that way always be available when your prospect asks a question or has a thought.

Tracking and automation

In Teamtailor you can easily send, follow up and track all documents and signed agreements. Get information about when your candidates open and read the submitted documents, and which parts they spend the most time on. If the candidate does not open the document, you can set automatic reminders that gives your document an extra push. A signed document is automatically saved in Teamtailor.

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Teamtailor is the market leader within the category Recruitment and Employer Branding tools. The platform enables a better candidate and recruiter experience, more efficient communication and gives the opportunity to work data-driven throughout the whole recruitment process while saving money and time.


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