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Electronic Signature for Bullhorn

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Seamlessly send critical materials to candidates for eSigning without needing to jump between platforms!
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Creating Documents for eSigning

Electronic Signature Methods

Electronic Signature Legality

Install GetAccept for Bullhorn

How to Create Documents for Electronic Signatures?

With the GetAccept integration for Bullhorn, you can upload all your talent and candidate hiring documents for electronic signing to seal each deal.

Our integration supports staffing agencies and executive search firms increase new business partnerships by leveraging an easy, secure electronic signature. Additionally, HR managers and recruitment firms can close each employee or prospect contract with simple eSiging! With electronic signatures, you can see up to 90% reduction in processing errors and a 400% increase in shorter sales cycles!

Utilize your entire Bullhorn contact database to create, develop, and send new documents. You can customize the signing order if you have multiple recipients attached to one document. During the uploading and eSigning process, know exactly when and how each recipient engages with your document.

Finally, close each contract with a secure one-click electronic (digital) signature.


How to Digitally (Electronically) Sign a PDF?

GetAccept supports multiple digital signature methods. Depending on your client's needs, the Bullhorn  integration gives you access to hand signatures, type-to-sign, and click-to-sign electronic signatures. Read more about Digital Signatures here.

Send electronic signature via SMS and email for more efficient results. Know exactly when your recipient has accessed, forwarded, and eSigned the document.

Finalize any deal with our secure and simple one-click solution to digitally sign any document.


How Secure is a Digital Signature?

The secure eSignature is GDPR (General Data Protection Agency) compliant ensuring consent is specified and documented for each party involved. With GetAccept, you can improve the signing process by giving you organized data and control permissions around the digital signature process. GetAccept's electronic signing enables companies to show consent in a court of law and empowers them to handle data legally.

GDPR mandates special requirements for agreements between the Data Controller and the Data Processors. These agreements are called Assistance Agreements or DPAs (Data Processing Agreement). GetAccept simplifies the process of maintaining and updating contracts in order to conform to these GDPR requirements. With eSigning, you can streamline all document workflows in a secure, simple, and legal way!

How to Install GetAccept for Bullhorn?

  1. You must already have a GetAccept account registered. Don't have an account? Sign up for a free trial today!
  2. The Bullhorn installation works through Zapier.
  3. See our Zapier Integration and click "Book Demo" and our GetAccept support experts are standing by to assist you!

Important features and benefits

Close Deals Faster

Make it easy for both you and the customer to sign the deal quickly, wherever you are

Manage Everything in One Place

Control your pipeline activity, customer dialogue, related documents and relevant insights all within Hubspot CRM

Modern Communication

Answer customer questions via Live Chat. Explain your message in a video. Reach out proactively when prospects are active via the GetAccept mobile app

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