Bluesnap and GetAccept

Collect payments with Bluesnap integrated to GetAccept

Sell Sign & Pay - GetAccept + BlueSnap

GetAccept and BlueSnap Partnership Benefits

Simple yet refined

The BlueSnap integration is our preferred partner if you intend to collect payment after receiving a signature for your goods or services. Simply connect your account and generate a secure window for your client to enter their payment information.

More Payment Methods

Bluesnap accepts more methods of payments than other providers and has extremely competitive rates with fantastic support for cross-border transactions. In addition, many of their customers cite the automation workflows as extremely helpful in reconciling unpaid invoices.

Competitive advantage

When compared to Stripe - customers have noted benefits with BlueSnap’s tiered pricing system vs a standard flat rate; quality support and advanced features including international and recurring billing.

Key Features

  • 1. Organizations will be able to orchestrate deals by exchanging trackable sales assets and communicating with clients in real time via chat and video.
  • 2. Quotes and proposals can be configured and negotiated with real time editing
  • 3. Final contracts can be electronically signed; with BlueSnap facilitating payment and automated recurring billing along the contract life cycle.
  • 4. Stalling agreements can be closed via GetAccept and stalling payments can be collected with BlueSnap’s reminder workflows.
  • 5. Renewal paperwork and billing can be managed for seamless client retention and account management.

Using GetAccept & BlueSnap together will simplify your e-signing and payment workflow whilst fostering quality relationships between your company and your customers!

N.B. The BlueSnap Payment Integration is included in the GetAccept Pro license.