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Electronic signatures integrated

Integrate e-signatures directly in Streak with GetAccept. Close more deals than competitors with smart eSignatures.

About Streak

Streak lets its users manage customers, sales, email support, bug tracking and hiring via Gmail.

About GetAccept eSignatures

Combine document tracking and e-signatures with GetAccept, add intelligent automation and see the difference in the number of signatures.

Work Smarter in Streak

» Send your presentations

Send presentations and get valuable insights to understand customers. Know who opens and if it is forwarded. Advanced analytics will help you take the best action.

» What's hot and what's not

Fuel your sales pipeline with insights and know what's hot and what’s not (for real). Engage your prospects and interact with them at the right timing

» eSign your contract

Use templates and send out contracts directly from Streak. Secure and fast eSignatures for all devices. Electronic signatures accelerates the signing process with up to 8 times.

Archive your contracts

Smart and centralized archiving of your important documents. Signed contracts are securely stored where they belong, in Streak, accessible for everyone.

Companies using Streak

FullContact are using Streak
Uploadcare are using Streak
Balderton Capital are using Streak
Heap are using Streak
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Carl Carell, GetAccept Inc.

Companies like FullContact, Uploadcare, Balderton Capital, Heap, TARS, Siftery, Pierno and Merrymint are using CRM Platforms and could apply our systematic eSigning and document tracking approach to increase document close rate with up to 83%.
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Carl Carell - Co-Founder & CSO, GetAccept