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Serving the right information in a clear and engaging way is key to increasing engagement.

With link blocks, you can package reference material and links in an engaging way. You have full control over text and image content that surrounds a link block so you can guide the recipient to the right place.

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Why add a link?

Adding call-to-action links or additional content within your send-outs is a great way to keep recipients engaged!


How does it work?

After clicking the link block, simply paste any URL and update the prompts. Here are some link ideas:

  • Online reviews and case studies
  • Meeting links to your calendar
  • Share recorded Zoom meetings
  • And much more!

Create a personalized link block in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Add the URL of your online content

Step 2

Update the title and the description

Step 3

Choose your thumbnail to go along

Step 4

Customize the call to action button


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