How to use video in the sales process

Mar 25, 2021

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GetAccept ⎮ How to use video in the sales process

For the past many years, video content has been part of the marketing strategy.

But what about in sales?

It is not just in marketing that it is beneficial to convey your message with an explainer video. Many salespeople use video in their sales process to increase engagement, build relationships and meet their customer’s needs.

And it works!

We analyzed 800.000 documents that were sent through GetAccept. The analysis showed that documents sent with engaging communication channels such as video, chat, automatic reminders, and SMS had a 30% higher conversion rate compared to documents sent without.

Sales 101 - Humans interact with humans

To create a sale, there must be a challenge that you can solve. A common sales tip is to focus on the customer’s pains. The sale is not about you and your product, but about the challenge your customer faces.

The same is true when linking video content to your sales process. It's not about you, but about your customer. Your customer will see a personal authentic video that quickly conveys the information they are looking for.

So how can you make use of video with your text-heavy sales collaterals?

After the phone call

You just talked to a prospect. It went well, he seemed interested, but he wanted to see some material from you.

No problem! You just send your sales collateral and link a short video to the document.

A short 1-2 min intro video makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your prospect most likely receives a ton of ​​emails and sales presentations daily.

With a short video, you stand out from the crowd. It is more manageable to watch a short 1-2 min video that tells the essence of the material than to read through 10 (sorry) boring pages.

Briefly, introduce yourself along with a summary of the conversation you just had on the phone. Repeat your business values and customize the message with an insight from the conversation.

Before the meeting

Finally, you got that meeting in the calendar. The meeting is in the future. Let’s say in a week. The day before the meeting, you will send the agenda together with a short video.

Why? Until now, you have just been a voice on the phone or a calendar link from a signup form on the website. A personal video with the agenda makes it more personal and creates a higher commitment because the prospect can see that there is a human behind it.

Furthermore, you start building a relationship even before you have the meeting.

A short video before the meeting creates excitement and reduces the likelihood of a no-show.
It's psychological. You show your prospect interest and commitment. At the same time, you remind the prospect of what the meeting will be about and why they accepted or requested the meeting.


After the meeting

The meeting is done - it went well! Now it's about keeping momentum.

Send a summary after the meeting with a short video that highlights the key takeaways and the next steps for both parties in the process.

A short 1-2 min video that briefly explains the prospect’s biggest pains, your solution, and the value it will add to their business, as well as the next steps.

It shows the customer that you listen, understand, and acknowledge their challenge, which builds trust. It also makes it easier for the prospect to sell the idea internally and involve more stakeholders.

We are all busy today, and most of us don’t prioritize looking through long documents.

However, people don’t mind spending 1-2 minutes watching a short video. With a short video, you make it easy for your prospect to sell the idea internally.

Time to send a proposal

The sales process is moving forward - they are interested and want to see an offer from you. Yes! Time to submit a quote. But wait … Let's just be completely honest for a moment and ask.

When was the last time you carefully read a text-heavy proposal to the end?

I’ll admit, my patience is short.

The same, probably, applies to your prospect too.

Most people simply do not have the time to carefully read through all 20-pages to understand your suggestion of a solution to their problem.

Do your prospect a favor and submit your offer together with a short video that explains and summarizes the key message and most important parts of your proposal. A short video makes it easy for the recipient to understand your offer.

Again, very few people have time to closely study all pages, but most don’t mind spending 1-2 mins getting it explained in a video.

Additionally, it is easier for the prospect to forward the offer to other stakeholders and quickly get everyone on the same page.

Furthermore, you cannot expect your prospect to read your entire text-heavy offer to derive your solution to their problem. Make it easy to ingest with a short video explaining your proposal.

In the video, you can explain some of the ideas that you discussed with your team when preparing the offer or explain how you came up with this and why you believe this is the right solution for them.

How do you get started with video?

The best advice is really to just do it. It does not have to be perfect. The small mistakes just make it authentic. Remember, practice creates champions!

The most important thing is that your customer or prospect can connect a face to who you are. Your video helps create relations and trust. 

Send your first video with your sales collateral today. Try GetAccept for free and throw yourself into exploring videos in sales.

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