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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Proposals and quotes

Create more proposals that will close the deal… because people do judge a book by its cover! GetAccept’s proposal management feature allows you to craft stunning sales proposals, and understand which content wins so your reps can shorten their sales cycle.

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4 easy steps to create your business proposals

Create your proposals

Create your proposal

Upload an existing proposal you have on file or create your own using our Editor. We even have ready-made proposal templates for a number of business transactions.

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Brand the buyer experience

Customize your quote

We make it easy to automate custom quotes, saving you time while keeping product and price information accurate. Simply add from the product library to build a package, and use custom fields to create a proposal that is unique to your buyer.

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Content library

Send your business proposal

Get your business proposal into the right hands. Add recipients and designate who is responsible for reviewing the proposal. Stakeholders will be able to access the proposal via email or live link – no account or login required.

Contract management

Update your proposal in real-time

Our business proposals are living resources that simulate the real-world negotiation table. Instead of sending edits back and forth in emails and PDFs, use our live chat and SMS features to negotiate and update the proposal in real-time.

“The proposal and template functionality helps me build quotes very efficiently and since it is all digital HTML format, I can do edits without resending - quicker closing.”

Alexander, L

Property consultant




Faster signing process

Shorter sales cycles when using electronic signatures

Increased hit rate to closed deal

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Streamline your sales process!
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