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"We were in need of a fresh new way to deliver quotes and contracts to our potential customers. We were used to emailing PDFs back and forth, but this only slowed the process and there was nothing to help us stand out from our competition. GetAccept was our answer and we've seen great results."

Craig Bell

Vice President at OT Group

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The partnership between Salesforce and GetAccept is all about offering the market the best sales tool there is. We believe in excellence and together we will give your sales organizations the best possible resources to hit your quota and thanks to data driven insights, you will always be one step ahead in the dialogue with your customers.

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Loved by sales and operations leaders, enablement pioneers, legal teams, and customer success professionals globally!


  • Generate and send sales proposals from any Salesforce object and get insights if it has been opened, reviewed, or signed.
  • Receive real-time insights and notifications in any device and be updated to take the next step to close the deal.
  • Never miss a deal again with the help of intelligent sales automation (AI).
  • Trigger actions and automate your workflows in Salesforce.

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