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Sales Enablement for Salesforce

Leverage your sales funnel with data-driven tracking, automation, and personalized engagement features with the GetAccept integration!
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What is a Sales Enablement Platform?

With the GetAccept integration for Salesforce, you gain access to our sales enablement platform. 

GetAccept provides your sales team with data-driven information about your prospects all within your Salesforce CRM environment. We then use this information to automate, track, and enhance the seller-buyer experience so that your sales team sells more effectively. 

The sales enablement integration features allow you to know the exact behavior of each prospect during the deal process so that you can increase your sales efficiency. In addition to data tracking and behavior analytics, GetAccept leverages unique video and chat features to personalize your buyer engagement.


Psychological and Strategic Selling Strategies

Inside your Salesforce CRM accounts dashboard, you can attach a video message with your document or contract. Studies show that utilizing videos to engage with your potential customers help increase the purchasability by 73%. That's why with GetAccept, you will be able to leverage all the best strategic selling practices in your Salesforce environment.

Harness our built in video function while sending any contracts and proposals. Enhance the buyer experience by personalizing the relationship with your prospects. GetAccept integration for Salesforce allows you to take pre-recorded videos, use built in live chat, SMS, and email to have full control of the conversation!



Leverage Sales Tracking Software Features


GetAccept's sales enablement platform offers full document tracking, automation, and analytics so that you can increase sales effectiveness all within your Salesforce environment. 

Our unique sales analytics features let you know exactly when your prospects open, forward, reviewed, and e-Sign the document. With this information, GetAccept will notify you when it's best to follow up and use automatic reminders so that your deals don't go cold. 

View your sales information all in one place where you can receive real-time notifications for sales tracking and automation analytics.

How to Install GetAccept for Salesforce?

  1. You must already have a GetAccept account registered. Don't have an account? Sign up for a free trial today!
  2. Visit our secure login URL to install the package.
  3. Login to your Salesforce account.
  4. Choose your installation settings and click install button.
    Salesforce installation GetAccept
  5. You will be prompted to allow callouts to the GetAccept API. Check the box to allow "third party access"
  6. Installation complete.
  7. Please visit our Salesforce integration tutorial page for more information and on how to setup callbacks.

Important features and benefits

Close Deals Faster

Make it easy for both you and the customer to sign the deal quickly, wherever you are

Manage Everything in One Place

Control your pipeline activity, customer dialogue, related documents and relevant insights all within Hubspot CRM

Modern Communication

Answer customer questions via Live Chat. Explain your message in a video. Reach out proactively when prospects are active via the GetAccept mobile app

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