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Electronic Signature

Leveraging electronic signatures in your online B2B deals can reduce your sales cycle up to 400%! Manage all document workflows in an organized way for various eSigning methods, and 

sell remotely with electronic signature, like never before.

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Why Use an Electronic Signature?


Electronic signatures create a faster and easier sales process.


eSigning is the safest way to close a deal. Close deals remotely like never before! 


Verify the user's identity with handwritten signature, mobile confirmation, SMS verification code, or BankID. GDPR-ready.

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8x Faster With eSignatures

Reduce your sales cycle and streamline every deal. With a one-click eSignature, boost your sales effectiveness by making it easier for your prospects to sign!

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Electronic Signature Methods

All eSigning methods are secure, flexible, and simple. Choose from multiple secure eSigning methods with GetAccept in order to met your clients needs!

How secure are digital signatures?

digital signature with BankID and PDF

Electronic Document Signing Workflow 

Automate your document workflows and ensure an efficient eSigning process. Choose to place your clients in a specific signing order to facilitate a faster signing flow, and drive decisions remotely like nerver before.

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Manage Customer Visibility

Save time by customizing what content is visible for each recipient. Manage the entire sales process in one place and then add an internal contract summary. Fast, safe, and secure.




Important features and benefits


Manage your customer experience by eSigning. Increase sales efficiency with a one-click solution.



With our unique Deal Accelerator, an electronic signature is always at your customer's fingertips.



Know exactly when your customer opens, signs, or prints any sales documents.



Communicate directly within the document! Minimize misunderstandings and help reach an agreement faster.


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