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Episode 5: Rocketship Recruitment

How do you handle recruitment in a “land, expand and explode strategy”?

Tune in to listen to Hanna Malmsten, HR Manager @GetAccept and Emelie Anderssen, HR Manager @SalesScreen together moderated by Frida Ahrenby, VP Marketing @GetAccept.

Our top tips summarized

What’s the best way to handle rocketship recrutiments in fast scaling companies?
- Make sure that all the hiring managers are aware of the whole recruitment process. Have a good collaboration!
- Have the culture in place and have the vision to share with the candidates
- Process! And be flexible around it.

What are the main qualities you look for when finding talents? Apart from the specific business unit needed
- Open to changes and flexible since a lot is happening each week
- Having coachable employees
- Use the company values as a baseline for finding the right people
- See the potential in each candidate

Company culture. A popular and often mentioned word within recruitment -what is it for you?
- Something everyone needs to work with and be involved with - the heart and the soul of the company
- Connected to all parts throughout the employment cycle
- Important to stay connected when spread out over different countries
- Have social budgets for each team and do things to gather the whole company

What are the Top 3 most important points to take into account when it comes to successful Rocketship Recruitment?
- Handle it as a sales process - treat the candidate as the same way you do with customers
- Planning, structure and communication
- Have fun and learn


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