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Create a frictionless sales experience for your reps with the content library, a control center for all your resources within the GetAccept platform to simplify content creation.

Create, edit, or delete your resources like editor blocks, videos, links, or templates, and organize them in folders to make it super easy for your reps to find and share the right content.

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Why create a content library?

Organize all your content in the same user-friendly platform your reps use to send collateral, track engagement and collect signatures.


How does it work?

After clicking content library in the GetAccept platform, choose the folder you want to access or the resource you want to create/edit/delete.


  • Create new resources
  • Edit or delete outdated ones
  • Organize your content in folders
  • And much more!

Use the content library in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Start by clicking on the content library

Step 2

Choose, create or reorganize your folders

Step 3

Build templates with editor, video and link blocks

Step 4

Personalize documents for individual recipients


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