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See our winning Digital Sales Room integration for Salesforce

Experience a full Digital Sales Room environment with GetAccept's native Salesforce app, voted as a two-time winner of the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam!

Our Sales Director, Jason Baskaran had 3 minutes to present the live demo of a lifetime: introducing an all-new SaaS category – the Digital Sales Room – and demonstrating how it works in a Salesforce environment. The result? A winning demo and a successful showcase of a Digital Sales Room's value for all sales reps using Salesforce.

Why is a Digital Sales Room important for Salesforce users?

A Digital Sales Room is a living, virtual space where sellers and buyers come together to share information, negotiate and sign contracts without the costs and hassles of meeting in-person. 

Salesforce users can leverage GetAccept's Digital Sales Room integration from within the Salesforce environment. Ultimately, the ability to create and share content directly from Salesforce will make sales teams more efficient.

What can GetAccept app users expect?

We covered a LOT of ground in our 3-minute demo. Here are the highlights Salesforce users can expect when they use GetAccept's native application.

1. Impress buyers with creative collateral

Combine Salesforce-generated content and GetAccept HTML content within GetAccept's Salesforce app. We make it easy to populate your data from Salesforce and create an informative and creative digital resource for your buyer.

2. Create custom introduction videos

Go above and beyond for your buyer: add a personal introduction video from within Salesforce before sending over the finished product. Adding a personal video saying hello and explaining the content of the digital sales room can go a long way with busy B2B buyers.

3. Chat within your Salesforce environment

Engagement doesn't end with a video. Answer your buyers' questions in real-time from within Salesforce. When a prospect sends a message in the Digital Sales Room's chat, you'll receive a notification that you can reply to directly without leaving Salesforce.

We hope you enjoy our 3-minute demo!

Virtual Event

Salesforce AppExchange – Demo Jam [March 2022]




Jason Baskaran
Sales Director, GetAccept

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