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Sales enablement metrics and how to measure them

In this post, we will explain the most commonly used sales enablement metrics and how to measure them within your organization

The definition of sales enablement has been evolving over time - we view sales enablement as the field which specializes in the training, development and optimization of all sales performers within a given organization. 

Even though sales enablement is all about getting better sales results, one of the pitfalls of the profession is it is very hard to attribute the impact of sales enablement programs towards increased sales performance. If annual revenue rises - sales leadership, product or market circumstances are all factors that can be taken by management to justify the results.

This is why it is so important to adopt metrics - to ensure sales enablement efforts are being measured across the organization. Let’s take a look at some below:


Sales enablement metrics


Ramp time

How long does it take a sales rep to go from total newbie to reach quota? Sales enablement teams should record ramp time prior to a sales enablement program being introduced and then compare these results in cohorts based on changes that are made.


Win rate and win rate by competitor

Can we measure an increase in deal conversion as a result of sales enablement efforts? This metric may be marginal such as 2-15% but across hundreds of opportunities per year could mean hundreds of thousands in marginal revenue increase.


Training consumption and certification

How many courses were created per quarter? How many hours were they viewed? Of the total sales force, how many individuals were successfully certified? How many individuals recommended the course (NPS score 1-10) post completion?


Sales cycle time

Are sales cycles reducing in length? If they are remaining the same, are they becoming more effective with less interactions needed per closed won deal? These numbers can be generated by looking at opportunity creation to a closed won/lost date and by syncing all emails, calls and SMS messages to Salesforce.


Opportunity size

Is deal size increasing over time? What percentage of deals include mentions of other products or more advanced product upgrades? 

Content utilization How many times are case studies, sales decks and supporting materials sent to customers? Are they viewed, for how long and are they forwarded?


Sales enablement survey score

It is always a good idea to conduct a survey on your sales team to gather further sentiment about the impact of your company's sales enablement program, to get both qualitative and quantitative feedback. With the help of this data, you will understand which enablement areas that are the weakest or even missing.


Calls audited per month and the average score

How many calls were listened to by management and received substantive feedback? Are calls gradually improving in score?

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