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3 ways strong sales leaders engage remote teams

Leadership and remote sales management can be difficult at the best of times, but the CRO of GoNimbly, Troy Conquer provides some helpful advice in this article
Featuring: Troy Conquer at GoNimbly

Switching from a combination of fields sales/inside sales to remote work overnight has quickly placed many companies in a position of figuring out how best to accommodate. 

These rapid changes have put a lot of pressure on leadership to become captains for their teams in order to swiftly and seamlessly transition into a remote model. Troy Conquer, CRO of GoNimbly, joined us to share his view on how leadership can prepare for shifting to remote sales during this time. 

Troy touched on three main points for leadership to capitalize on during this time. 

  1. Community - dive deeper into your community and reach out to people to find out how they are managing. This can be source of confidence especially during these times because each party can share with each other what the new normals are. “Storming, norming and performing” are the three stages a remote sales team will move through until reaching an equilibrium level of output
  2. Hone your craft -  now is the time to set small goals and make sure you’re achieving them. Don’t set unrealistic expectations right now and then be disappointed when you or your team can’t achieve them. Many leaders have clearer schedules now, you likely don’t have as many meetings and can save time on commuting. Use that extra time wisely, read more, or take online classes you normally wouldn’t have had time for. 
  3. Be as human as possible. This might seem obvious but it’s easy to get lost during this time and you need to set an intention behind everything you’re dong. Adding personalization to every touch and having more custom messages really encourages engagemen, like selling with video.  

“Meet your fellow human where they are.”

Ultimately, Troy believes people do want to get back to normal and this is a source of hope right now . In order to do so we need to get back to the normal motions with our team and prospects but we need to recognize that that will take time. As a leader be sure to set an example that it’s okay to spread everything out a little bit more. Be extremely patient in your prospecting efforts and slowly we can all get to the “performing” stage. 

For those who don’t know, GoNimbly is a revenue operations company. They help B2B SaaS companies with revenue operations that are transforming to a revenue operations model or team or advising them strategically on revenue operations roadmap. This involves everything from customer success, marketing & sales operations to help unify those teams under a single organization to control and optimize the customer journey.

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