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Remote sales with the pros - Jill Goldworn from The First Club

We were joined by Jill Goldworn who had four main takeaways for sales professionals looking to transition into remote selling.

Empathy is the first topic that Jill mentioned. As something that has been brought up consistently she feels as though it can never be talked about enough. Starting every call with truly asking how people are doing and making sure to get that connection before jumping right into business - to show that we’re all in this together. 


Internally, leading your team in a way that is engaging and compelling helps to keep productivity up and helps ensure everyone is staying engaged. Jill and her team are doing sweepstakes and rewards, especially with her team being in different countries. It’s important to try and replicate that banter and socializing that you have in the office as best as possible. Without being physically present, finding a way to create that closeness. For example, one week they had a Zoom party where everyone brought a different recipe around a subject like a dessert and shared how they made it and whoever won the best recipe voted on by the team gets a prize. This has created a commodore for the team and a sense of ease so every time they get on the phone it isn’t about business. 


When going into phone calls make sure that you are strategic about your exposure. Have one on one time or share articles that your boss might be interested in for business or pleasure. It’s important to create that connection that you’re not getting in the office. 


What has been most critical is ensuring that there are structured days individually and for the team. Getting up at the same time, showering, coffee routine, or whatever it may be and encouraging the team to do so as well. Getting outside and having a real lunch hour. Then starting every day with a standup call which helps set the agenda for the day. But try not to fill everyone’s day with too many meetings because that isn’t working - be sure to have a balance. In the beginning, she found that they were doing more group calls but dialing back and utilizing slack and having the Zoom calls now for more one on one chats has improved their productivity and set a better pace for the days and weeks.

Jill is the CRO of The First Club which is the first worldwide instant, digital rewards, Thank You Company, making it easy for Brands to say “thank you” to customers and employees with rewards they love.

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