Release: Next-generation sales tool

The next-generation sales tool with new features like: editor, video blocks, link blocks, content library, and non-signable documents.

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Create any type of collateral like presentations, demos, case studies, or proposals, or mix it up with pre-existing content to present it just the way YOU want.

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Video blocks

Add corporate videos, self-recorded videos, or a killer customer testimonial video to boost your content and enhance the points that influence the deal.

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Link blocks

Do you have great feedback on a review site or a must-read ultimate guide on your company blog? Take advantage of the link power in your proposals. In one simple step, of course.

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Content library

Upload and save all your content in one place to make it easier for your sales team to manage and beef up their documents.

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Non-signable documents

Dazzle your prospects with gripping case studies, video demos, or company presentations. Share them in one place to stay in control and stand out early in the sales process.

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