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"I was travelling without WiFi and realized I could manage all my sales via my phone and text messages. That one month I broke all previous sales records, lying on the beach miles away from the office. It was mind blowing!”

 Magnus Tummalid - Sales Manager, YSB and FSB

Magnus Tummalid

Sales Manager, YSB and FSB

Customer case


The partnership between Lime and GetAccept has its roots in a very similar culture and its a mutually beneficial partnership. Today we have a couple of hundreds of shared customers and we are keen to stay attractive to our customers by always improving our integrations and value proposition. We love to hang out with one another and we often host events together about topics we are passionate about. Such as Woman in Sales and How to become customer magnets.


The integration between Lime and GetAccept is one of GetAccept's oldest and thus also the most well-developed. The vast majority of GetAccept functions can be done directly in your CRM without having to leave Lime. The integration is adapted to work for both Lime Web, Lime CRM and LimeGo.

Value Together

With Lime and GetAccept together we offer expert competence within sales and provide our shared customer’s optimal conditions to increase their sales. Providing our customers with an industry-leading CRM, Sales Enablement and eSignature - all fully integrated.

Our integration

Turn prospects into customers, today

GetAccept is with you all the way! Understanding where you are in your digital transformation is the first step. Contact us and we will find a solution together.

Lime CRM integration

Interact with your customers in a personal and efficient way through document, including video, live chat, document tracking and electronic signature.

About Lime

From day one, Limes goal has been to create exceptionally user-friendly systems that simplify the working day for their customers and colleagues. The way they balance commitment and technology has made Lime one of the leading CRM suppliers in the Nordic region.