GetAccept adds new CPQ feature to its leading Digital Sales Room

GetAccept adds CPQ functionality to its Digital Sales Room, enabling better buyer experiences at scale.


Apr 19, 2022


2 min.

GetAccept adds new CPQ feature to its leading Digital Sales Room

GetAccept announced the launch of its new CPQ functionality, including a pricing table and product library, to its Digital Sales Room suite of products. CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote, is a software that allows revenue teams to automate creation of custom and error-free quotes. The addition of CPQ to GetAccept’s already leading Digital Sales Room platform will make it easier for forward-thinking sales and revenue teams to deliver excellent buyer experiences at scale.

GetAccept’s CPQ solution eliminates manual processes with automated calculation and is designed to be easy to use with or without a CRM system. Sales operations teams can use GetAccept CPQ in tandem with CRMs such as Salesforce, or manually input their own product information into a Product Library, populating Digital Sales Room sendouts with pricing information directly from their single source of truth. Account executives can use GetAccept CPQ to adjust and negotiate pricing in real-time, and their managers can feel confident that all data from a deal in progress is accurately sourced from a single, original source.

“This is our most requested feature and the addition of CPQ to our Digital Sales Room product offering is absolutely essential in achieving our vision of becoming the go-to tool for every B2B transaction,” says GetAccept’s co-founder and CEO Samir Smajic. “We’re excited to see how both new and existing customers will use our pricing tools to make their sales process even more streamlined and efficient”.

By using the CPQ functionality within GetAccept’s Digital Sales Room, sales teams can bring ordinary pricing tables and quotes to life. GetAccept’s Digital Sales Room is designed to be a living resource, meaning sales teams can send one link with pricing information and make changes in real-time, avoiding the hassle of updating and sending PDFs back and forth. Hallmark DSR features, such as custom videos, make it possible to go into detail about pricing. Sellers and buyers can even use the chat feature to discuss and negotiate without setting up a meeting. This makes GetAccept CPQ an integral part of the new landscape of efficient hybrid selling.