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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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The DocuSign alternative

From static documents to dynamic seller

DocuSign is an administrative tool built for agreements, and is highly respected among legal, HR, procurement, finance, and IT teams. GetAccept, however, is built for sales and revenue generating teams. We abide by the same eSignature legislature, but we also know a deal is won long before a proposal goes out for signing. 


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DocuSign won’t help with your hit rates like GetAccept

First impressions matter. The days of static proposals, long email threads, and scattered content should be over, but that’s what you get with DocuSign. Modern sellers are joining GetAccept because we support you from deal creation to customer won, giving you the flexibility and possibility of customizing a unique experience for each prospect and making it easier to get the deal done.

Deal insights

With digital, it’s not the big that eats the small, but the fast that eats the slow. Docusign gives you basic overviews on envelopes sent. GetAccept is not a postal company; we’ll give you deal insights that will turn you and your team into a modern sales star.

Recipient experience

Simplify the buyer journey by centralizing all customer interactions. With DocuSign, you, and more importantly, your customers, have to toggle between tools and systems. With GetAccept, everything happens in your branded digital sales room.

Total cost of ownership

Don’t let your e-signing tool put extra pressure on your budget. From customer support to hidden costs, not to mention your overall tech stack, GetAccept is a more cost efficient (and transparent) alternative.

No one says it better than former DocuSigners

“A great sales tool that replaced our electronic signature solution (Docusign) and added the possibility to work with HTML templates that could be edited on the fly as prospects requested changes as we negotiated the deal.”
Johan. K

Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Source: G2

"We started it as an alternative to DocuSign, which was getting too expensive. It does the exact same (and more). I am very happy we made the witch. Their support is unparalleled. I also really like the fact that they let you beta test features."
Sara R

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Source: G2

"We used DocuSign before and it was so cumbersome and we had to use one account with our multiple entities. Now they are all separate entities under 1 account which makes our lives a lot easier."
Markenna W

Health, Wellness & Fitness sector
Source: Capterra

But it’s not only former DocuSigners that say it


GetAccept vs DocuSign:
Who’s got the best Salesforce integration?

One has a 5 star rating from Salesforce users on its AppExchange and is a recent two-times Salesforce demo jam winner.

The other has a 4.5 star rating from Salesforce users and has not won a demojam. Which one would you choose?

Read more about our seamless integration with SFDC Price Books, Quotes, CPQ, CPQ+ here. 

Why GetAccept is the best DocuSign alternative

Our digital sales room solution makes us the strategic partner of choice for sales teams, giving you flexibility to engage and interact with prospects. Create stunning proposals through our editor, get your quotes out in seconds using our CPQ tool, and use our powerful insights to  close more deals, faster.



DocuSign’s dashboard is simply not designed for sales teams: envelope volume, completion rates etc are not sales metrics. GetAccept’s dashboard gives you insights on active deals, hit rate, won deals, hot deals, valley of death, estimated sales, and average deal time, as well as an overview of your top performers. So you, as a sales manager, can better support your team to increase hit rate.


Content Consumption

DocuSign tells you how many recipients fall off the 25%, 50%, and 75% mark of a
document. Good luck figuring out which page needs optimization. GetAccept tells
you how much time each recipient spends on each page, to the second, as well as
number of views, number of unique viewers, and total time spent. 


In real time
All our analytics and chat communication, from dashboard to content consumption, is available in real time. So that you can act in real time. With DocuSign’s content engagement tracking, you’ll always be 24 hours behind.







Don’t let a deal hang on the balance of a junk inbox. That’s where proposals sent via DocuSign can end up. With GetAccept, you can invite your prospects to your digital sales room and access your proposal via a shareable link, which you can send via your own email. Or SMS text. Or a calendar invite. Or LinkedIn. Or WhatsApp. You get the point: flexible delivery. 


Edit after send

If your document needs an edit after the envelope is sent via DocuSign, you’ll
have to start over from the original google or word document and resend it
(and lose an envelope credit). With GetAccept, you have two options: you can
recall the document, and send a new one. Or you can edit a document after
it’s sent. The link will stay the same, and the recipient will be notified of the
change. Don’t be static, be dynamic!


Easy to explain
A business proposal will always be hard to fully grasp. Why set up meetings or create long email exchanges to explain the pricing structure? In GetAccept, you can record a video introduction to emphasize key points, and engage buyers via a live-chat, so they can reach you anywhere, anytime, all within the digital sales room.







Send out
There are no hidden costs on send outs with GetAccept: it’s unlimited with our Professional and Enterprise + packages. Regardless which plan you’re on with DocuSign, you get limited envelopes. Do you really want to limit how many proposals your sales team can send?



Time is money. You shouldn’t have to waste time ($) on customer service issues
with suppliers.
GetAccept support rating according to G2 crowd score: 9.0
DocuSign support rating according to G2 crowd score: 8.5 Our customer success
managers are trained to improve the entire sales process (rather than implement
a simple eSign tool). Their consultancy approach will give you increased value
over time.
Nuff said.


Tech stack
Sales teams use more and more digital tools to remain competitive, and the costs can easily pile up. With DocuSign, you only get the e-signing piece of the tech stack puzzle. GetAccept can save you dollars on CPQ tool, video recorders like Vidyar, screen recorders like Loom, content storing and tracking tools like clearslide, not to mention microsoft word or google doc.





GetAccept Professional vs DocuSign
Business Pro - a snapshot





49 $

40 $


Automatic reminders 

Send outs



CPQ Functionality

Chat Functionality

Video recording

In-app editor

Edit after send

Document tracking

Advanced Limited

Sales dashboard

CRM integrations




Salesforce AppExchange



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