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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Digital Sales Room for Sales Operations Professionals

GetAccept’s digital sales room helps you streamline information flows and data between Account Executives, sales team leaders, and buyers and your CRM.

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Sales Operations

Benefits of Digital Sales Room

Operational efficiency

Drive revenue and help your sales team close deals faster by re-allocating time. Reps spend less time logging data or searching for resources and spend more time engaging with their clients.

Improved data integrity

Sales teams are not known for 100% compliance when adding or updating contact data in the CRM. Ensure data integrity and save your sellers hours per week by automatically merging data between your CRM, sales tools, and sales collateral.

Sales automation

Automate tedious quoting processes to reduce pricing errors; build automated reminders, tasks, and workflows to link the steps of your sales process and ensure reps will keep the deal moving.

Why use a Digital Sales Room?

Sales teams only spend one-third of their time selling. As a Sales Operations Professional, you can get them back to doing what they do best by helping them work smarter, not harder.

With a digital sales room, you can empower your sales teams to work more efficiently, structure their sales process, control deal timelines, and ultimately, generate more revenue.

Digital Sales Room

How to use a Digital Sales Room in 5 easy steps


Create a living, digital room and share it with your
customers via email or live link. Start with an introduction
to your company or a pre-meeting agenda, then update
the content throughout the sales process.




Start with an introduction to your company or a
pre-meeting agenda, then update the content
throughout the sales process.




Add engagement features like a personalized
video introduction, links to customer reviews,
and live chat interactions.




Get notified with our mobile app and by email when
the customer interacts with your digital room –
they’ve opened your documents, watched your videos,
shared it with others, or asked a question in the chat.




Answer your customer’s questions in real-time
via live chat accessed through our app before
collecting a secure eSignature.



See what top Account Executives and Sales Leaders are saying about GetAccept.

“GetAccept will be like your first smartphone. You won’t know how you lived without it.”

Christopher Maricle 

Executive Director, Head Start California

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"GetAccept has helped us gain better insight into how long and who within a company is reviewing our proposal. GetAccept has given us the power to know where to focus in the sales cycle. It has also equipped us with an E-signature solution and an onboarding solution through its platform."

David McClean 

Managing Partner, SDR Systems Group

"We were looking for a solution to allow us to use videos to engage prospects, send trackable sales materials, forward proposals, and gather signatures on contracts all within Freshsales CRM. GetAccept was the answer. "

Germain Brion

Vice president sales, Chargebee

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”Throughout our process, including a lot of customizations, the team at GetAccept was there to guide us and really went above and beyond to get us up and running.”

Meghan LaMountain

Global Sales Enablement Manager @ Cheq

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“You guys did absolutely everything, and the relationship was awesome. Other suppliers within the same space did not give us the care, attention, and consultation that GetAccept were able to.”

Richard Smith

Licensing director at Digital Theatre

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Your complete digital sales room solution

GetAccept's digital sales room platform creates an authentic buying experience through deal and pipeline insights, custom sales collateral, personalized videos, and seamless integrations.

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Learning hub

What is a Digital Sales Room?

Learn more about what Digital Sales Room is and why you need one.

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What is a digital sales room?

A digital sales room is a centralized, secured space where sellers and buyers can collaborate, negotiate and access personalized content throughout the sales cycle.

What are the key components of a digital sales room?

Our digital sales room platform offers deal and pipeline insights, online and offline sales collateral, personalized videos, CPQ, real-time chat, screen recorder, forms, reminder systems, and seamless integrations in a collaborative, shared space.

How do I know if a digital sales room would benefit my business?

Do you want to create the best buyer experience? Are your deal processes longer, strategic, and involve multiple internal and external stakeholders? Then yes! These types of businesses can benefit from using a digital sales room to accelerate sales and improve customer relationships.

When should I start using a digital sales room?

Right before the first discovery meeting and throughout the customer lifecycle from onboarding to renewal. Your CSMs are impacting revenue, too! Ensure retention and improve the customer experience by nurturing and continually adding value for the entire lifecycle of a customer. You can upload content like a welcome video, pre-meeting agenda, and relevant case studies and share them with your prospects.

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