Tracking and analytics

Have a sixth sense with live tracking


Real-time notifications

Gain insights into how recipients interact with your sales assets with real-time notifications. Get alerted when a proposal is opened, viewed, commented on, forwarded, or signed, empowering your team to to always be one step ahead and to jump into action with perfect timing. 


Detailed behavior tracking in your sales process

Get transparent and hands-on analytics with GetAccept’s tracking features. Be able to manage your deals based on customer analytics observed throughout your sales process. GetAccept provides sales enablement data from the initial sales meeting to the final eSigned contract.


Be notified when prospects are ready to connect

Communicate online, through the platform or when your buyer is ready to talk. You will be notified when the customer wants to progress the discussion, or you can add smart reminders or use auto chat features, in order to drive engagement with the customer. Harnessing on-time and personalized messaging directly connected to your sales collateral, you will be able to drive engagement and the decision process forward.


Understand the stakeholders customized outreach

Follow the engagement from different stakeholders on the platform and get detailed behavioral tracking of how they interact with the content. You will be able to both understand the stakeholder structure of the customer organization as well as have the chance to make a customized outreach.

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