5 simple reasons why you need sales tracking software

Feb 22, 2018

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5 simple reasons why you need sales tracking software

Are you relying solely on your CRM solution to manage your sales pipeline? Modern sales technology enables sales managers to track and manage their deals much more efficiently.
Today, almost every business is using a CRM solution to store and manage their prospects, leads, customers, deals, and sales opportunities in one place. However, great sales management is all about prioritizing, tracking, and monitoring the deals in your pipeline. And to accomplish that, you need a crystal clear visibility into your sales process.

But how do you track, measure, optimize, and manage the key stages of your sales process? That’s where sales tracking softwares come into picture! They either have their built-in CRMs or integrate to your existing CRM solution, and help you track and manage all the details of your sales process. Here is why you should start them today!


1. Have a better visibility of your sales pipeline

No sales manager wants to have nasty surprises or unpredicted outcomes at the of the month. Sales tracking softwares help you take the guesswork out of sales forecasting and allow you to manage open sales opportunities as they move through your sales process.

With your current CRM, do you have a clear visual picture of your pipeline? And are you able to analyze trends, historical progress, and sales conversion rates at each stage of the pipeline in real-time?

2. Identify bottlenecks and growth opportunities in your sales process

If your deals are not moving fast enough, as a sales leader the first thing you should do is to look at your sales funnel to identify the bottleneck(s). A lack of efficiency in any stage of the sales pipeline can cost thousands of dollars each year.

Are you generating enough qualified leads? Are you converting meetings to proposals? Are you getting the contract signed quickly enough?

Sales tracking softwares help you clearly identify where (i.e. in which stages) you have bottlenecks and/or growth opportunities in your sales funnel.

3. Prioritize your deals better

Like any other sales organization, the amount of effort and resources you can put into closing each deal is limited. So you have to rely on objective measures, not your reps’ or your gut feeling to prioritize your deals and guide your sales reps toward focusing on the most important and/or urgent ones. Modern sales tracking softwares provide several methods to filter, analyze, sort, and visualize your deals so that you can prioritize them objectively without wasting time.

4. Anticipate your potential customers’ next move

Your sales reps typically send dozens of emails and proposals everyday and they get discouraged when there's no response to most of these. This leads to a drop-off with the level of follow-up, and therefore a potential revenue in your sales pipeline remains untapped. Sales tracking software allows your sales reps to track their emails and documents, and provides real-time insights like when they open it, how much they spend time on every page, who they forward it to, whether they print it or not, etc. With this valuable data, they can easily anticipate the next moves of your customers.

5. Get your customers engaged more

Sales tracking software typically come with several features to increase customer engagement. One example is to have the ability to have a live chat directly on the sales document you have sent, while your customer is reading it. Many agree that interacting with a customer in a real-time manner can significantly boost conversion rate and yield higher revenue. Another example is the ability to send personalized video along with your sales email or proposal. This helps you build instant trust and increase engagement.

Technology is rapidly evolving, and as a modern sales manager today is the right time to try a sales tracking software like GetAccept, either integrated to your existing CRM or as a standalone software to leverage technology to improve your sales performance.

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