How to use personalized video with your sales proposals

Feb 1, 2018

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How to use personalized video with your sales proposals

In the last couple of years, marketing departments got used to using video content to promote their products and services. But what about sales? Recently, more and more salespeople started to leverage video throughout their inbound sales process to spur engagement, promote personalization, and meet the needs of their prospects.

But when we say video content, it’s not about you, it’s about your potential customers. In today’s world, you have to produce personalized video that quickly delivers the information they are looking for.

For example, our own study shows that GetAccept customers have seen 41% increase on engagement with proposals that has a personalized video introduction. So, how can you utilize them with your good old text-heavy sales proposals?

Benefits Of Using Personalized Video With Your Proposals

Shorten The Sales Cycle: Most busy professionals don’t take time to read a lengthy sales proposal, but they will take five minutes out of their day to watch a quick video walk-through that summarizes the highlights of your proposal. They can quickly forward it to other decision makers, and after just a few minutes, everyone is on the same page.

Build Trust & Enhance Relationship: Today, as salespeople, we mostly use emails, phone calls or screen sharing, rather than meeting our customers in person. Personalized video helps you build an instant connection and trust with your customer from the get-go.

Cut Through The Noise: Most executives receive more than 100 emails, and similar amount of social media messages every day. Especially as an introduction message, video can put you in front of the competition.

Convey Your Message Precisely: Unlike text messages, prospects can simply click the play button and hear exactly the message you want to convey. And points don’t get lost in translation because you can add extra details and visuals.

Have Better Response Rate: Your potential customers will be positively surprised and instantly appreciate the extra time & effort you have put into preparing the video. And this will significantly improve your response rate.

Different Ways To Utilize Video In Your Sales Proposals

Customer Testimonials: Ask a few of your happy customers to speak about their experience with your company. You can use it either in the introduction or as a follow up message to build further trust.

Team Introductions: Both your sales team and whoever will work with that potential customer should film a short introduction. This puts a face to your company and makes it feel more personal.

Product or Service Demonstrations: You can either reuse your existing demo video, or shoot a new personalized demo to show what your customer can expect to receive by working with your company.

Problem and Solution Explanations: Reiterate how you perceived their current problem, and quickly explain them what you propose them as a solution. Don’t expect your customer to read the whole proposal to get these!

Frequently Asked Questions: Not all products and services are easy to grasp. Create a video that answers the top 10 questions you have been asked. This will certainly save you time in your sales process.

Follow Up Messages: Stand out from the crowd, and use video to follow up with your potential customer, instead of sending them a static email. Reiterate your business value, and provide personalized insights.

Ideas Behind The Proposal: Share some of the ideas you discussed with your team when preparing the sales proposal for your customer. This can include some diagrams, charts, or figures.

Starting from today, take an action, meet with your sales team, and discuss how you can leverage personalized video throughout your sales process, from the first moment you send your sales proposal, all the way up to it gets signed. Watch our demo video to get inspired!

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