Get your documents E-signed in 2 hours

Jan 9, 2018

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Get your documents E-signed in 2 hours

It’s well known that switching to electronic signatures have several benefits over having your documents signed in paper, such as shortening your sales cycle up to 400%, and having higher conversion rates. Not to rely on external data only, we wanted to share our internal data to prove how our customers actually get their documents signed very fast.

Get your documents signed within a day

When we look at all the e-signed documents in our database (data from over 100k documents), we can confirm that 58% of them get signed within a day, and 74% within two days! So, if you know the right decision maker combined with a simple document it gets signed fast without any hassle.



Get it signed within an hour

When we have a closer look at the documents signed within a day, we have noticed that 44% of them got signed within an hour, and more than half of the documents get signed within two hours! Can you shorten your sales cycle like this?



When you combine the two, you will see that 30% of all your signed documents get signed within two hours. We can also confirm that if the contract now signed within 36 hours after the first view, it's something between you and the customer to discuss. That's the reason why a document chat can help you a lot to pin point the talking points you need to discuss.

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