ZenProspect Increases Revenue With GetAccept

Jan 8, 2018

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ZenProspect Increases Revenue With GetAccept

Silicon Valley's rapidly growing Y-Combinator graduate sales software ZenProspect has increased revenue after partnering with GetAccept.

ZenProspect, a Y-Combinator graduate lead generation solution, is quickly emerging as one of the dominant players in the sales and marketing space. To provide a superior buying experience to further differentiate themselves from more traditional methods used by established competitors, they were looking for an innovative solution. They decided to partner with GetAccept, and since then they increased pipeline generated, accelerated deal cycles and facilitated contract signing and management.



  1. Sales Development wanted more compelling techniques to build value in order to encourage prospects to take more product demonstrations
  2. Account Executives wanted a way to continue to maintain interest after the first meeting
  3. Sales Managers wanted oversight of why deals were lost and won to formulate strategic plans for team development
  4. Finance wanted a solution to have all agreements ratified and signed by interested parties
  5. Customer Success team wanted to be able to manage existing client agreements and have the infrastructure to facilitate account expansion via up sell/cross sell activities
  6. Ideally the solution would work seamlessly within the Salesforce ecosystem

Results for Sales Development

The Sales Development team were given the capability to use video introductions and dynamically personalized assets to build strong rapport with prospects; increasing their inquiry to demo ratio.


“When I add videos I have been told that it's a nice touch… The deal closing will ultimately depend on whether or not I've sold value, but GetAccept can help me accelerate the sales cycle.”

Krishan Patel

Promoted from SDR to Account Executive with the help of GetAccept

Results for Account Executives

The Account Executive team found they were able to create more effective workflows using GetAccept to strategically send materials throughout the sales cycle. Live chat and scheduled reminders served as good ways to boost engagement between first meeting and final contract issue. Given the team travels a substantial part of the day to appointments; the reps loved the ability to do everything on the move from their mobile app.


“GetAccept is more than just e-signing. It has allowed me to get contracts signed through reminders and has allowed me to push deals forward through the sharing of relevant value adders.”

Cameron Ross

Top Performing Account Executive & Get Accept Power User


Results for Sales Management

Sales Management found that they were able to monitor deal flow with a new degree of granularity; with intelligence used to perfect the sales process.


“GetAccept allows us to stay on top of our toes, send personalized outreach, and push the documents along to closing deals. I love the analytics and heat tracking on the dashboard as well -- makes it easy for my whole sales team to see how things are moving along.”

Roy Chung

CRO at ZenProspect


Results for Finance and Customer Success

Finance and Customer Success became large adopters of the platform despite being secondary stakeholders during the initial statement of work.


“I use GetAccept for sales, upgrades, renewals, spot checking account creation in SFDC and our own platform, and overall to stay on top of what terms and services will be or are agreed upon.GetAccept allows me to quickly reference any agreement so that I’m always aligned with what our clients have signed up, reps often leave a lot of details out in Salesforce so GetAccept is always my source of truth. Not only does it help with sales engagement but it also allows me to manage alignment post sell for all upgrades and renewals. We also have amazing clients who work as advocates for us so I use GetAccept as our alignment solution with our partner programs.And lastly, it helps with escalations when clients thought they were under different agreement terms, I can quickly download and send.”

James Luong

Director of Customer Success


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