How To Boost Your Sales Process With Sales Tracking Software

Apr 12, 2017

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How To Boost Your Sales Process With Sales Tracking Software

When you operate a sales team, you need to have a method in which you can track sales. Perhaps the best solution is the usage of sales tracking software such as GetAccept. This will allow you to watch your sales process and ensure that clients are followed up with in a timely manner.

Why GetAccept?

When it comes to sales tracking, perhaps the most important thing is measuring sales engagement, and that's where our document analytics feature comes into picture. When you are trying to make sales, it is important that you do not follow up on a proposal too soon. You really do not want to come across as too ‘pushy’, neither do you want to leave it until the last minute where there is the potential to miss the sale, perhaps because the client has forgotten about the product or service that you offer or, perhaps, if the client has simply gone elsewhere for your service or product.

Our sales tracking software will enable you to determine exactly when the document has been opened. You will also be able to tell exactly which sections of the proposal have been read by the client, as well as information on the areas of the document that they have focused on the most. This will provide you with information that you can use throughout the sales process. So, for example; if the reader has focused on a very specific part of the proposal for a long period of time, then this may indicate that they may have questions, and you will be able to bring this up with the client.

Having an easy-to-access record of customer interactions will ensure that you will continue to be able to follow up at the right time. You will know when customers have been contacted. You will have an indication as to whether it is time to contact the client again. This is important. Many sales are lost simply because the client is not followed up with in a timely manner.

In addition to all of this, our software will keep a record of all interactions with the client. This can easily be passed between members of your sales team. This will enable each staff member to know exactly where in the sales process the client is, as well as details of any information that has been discussed between the client and your company. This will ensure that the same points are not covered and over again. This will not only save time for your staff members, but it will reduce irritation on the part of the client. After all, nobody really wants to be asked the same questions repeatedly.


When you use sales tracking software such as GetAccept, you will be in complete control of the sales process. Our software will ensure that you are able to maximize sales by guaranteeing that you are following up with your clients at the right moment. This will result in not only more efficient sales, but higher sales. If you feel GetAccept is right for you, then please get in touch with our team and request a demonstration.

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