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In remote work, our daily routines are crucial to our productivity

In remote work, our daily routines are crucial to our productivity. In order to maximize productivity at home, here are some quick key ingredients as told by TechTarget’s sales manager, Tom Alaimo. 

Practice consistency in discipline

  • The way you spend your first few hours can ultimately dictate how good you feel at the end of the day. It may be tempting to get up late, start your morning with Netflix, and roll into your sales at an easy pace. But for a successful remote salesperson, it's important to get into "outbound mode" as promptly as possible.

  • This time isn’t for taking meetings or sending Slack messages, either; it’s strictly for prospecting. Spend a few minutes over coffee identifying new leads and looking over your to-do list. Pick the few items that are going to impact your week the most strongly; then, try to get them done before lunch. Afterward, you’ll have plenty of availability for communicating with the team—and a clearer head when you do.

Make the most of your connections

  • “As you make your habits, your habits make you.” Of all the techniques and strategies you can use to push deals and generate new prospects, this is probably the simplest: use your face and voice to create a more personal connection with your clients as well as your team. This may seem obvious when put so simply, but it's easy to over-rely on a comfortable medium like email.

  • Everyone from team leaders to individual contributors should utilize tools like video calling (or, if necessary, a good old-fashioned phone call) to meet face-to-face (or voice-to-voice). It makes your communications that much more valuable and your connections that much more meaningful.

  • For the purpose of building business relationships, this can be a method of subtly encouraging yourself to enter into a more productive mindset—as though you were really “at work”.

Think outside the box

  • Enable your sales team to do something creative in terms of communication and engagement, beyond just talking about your product. Collect positive comments from people, add them to your blog, and donate a dollar per comment to a charity up to $1,000. Spreading that positivity can't hurt traffic to your website, and it might just be the way to get a response out of a dry well.

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