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Sales messaging tips to help your remote sales teams hit quota

How can we alter sales messaging to be most effective when working remotely? We discuss the solutions below
Author: Dailius Wilson

Managing a remote sales team in this current time takes a lot of quick thinking to adapt to the new environment. Specifically, sales teams will need to forge new messaging when going outbound to land new business. Here are three areas you can focus on when formulating your own strategy as we transition into remote work.

  1. Recognize the positive response of companies -  Right now many companies have posted and updated their policies, either on their website or through their social channels. This may unveil pivots in product, target customers or geographical regions which can allow you to create messages which land more accurately with your target stakeholders. 

  2. Connect to new pain points - In your messages be sure to connect your solution politely and positively to the pains of the current time - we have new concerns we’ve never faced before and it’s important to make sure you incorporate these. Two primary concerns will be around optimizing expenditure (i.e. reducing costs) and improving employee efficiency whilst they are remote. There are various other pains based on specific companies and their roles - we recommend looking at this guide for more in depth information

  3. Be a source of help & not another source of noise - This can be difficult, especially as the frustrations of a similar setting each day can make your work monotonous, reducing the effort you put into every part of your communications. What needs to be top of mind at all times is - how do I add value? Are you sharing links to helpful webinars and content,  can you connect them to other leaders and opportunities. A good personal reminder is the phrase - “you want them to have what they need, not what you want them to have.” If you’re messaging focuses on yourself, your product or too much on just simply commenting on the current situation non-specifically;  your conversion level will not be where you need it to be.

In conclusion, It’s important to note that the pains your prospect is experiencing now are likely to be completely different from what they were experiencing before. Speak to new pains, not the old ones. This might take extra work than anticipated and prolong your outbound process but it will turn into more engagement and you will have a better chance getting through to your prospect.

For example, if you are selling to an IT services company and have previously had success with a generic message saying something like, “would you like to use a different IT service in this tough time?” You likely won’t get any responses in this different environment for remote work. But if you can change the way you ask and channel the current situation, this message can be transformed into, “I know you’re facing challenges with people working remotely, with their own unique computers, in their own unique locations, and when there are technical issues they have no one to turn to versus in the office they could walk up and tap someone on the back. What if we could help”. This more tactical approach is going to resonate a lot more and yield stronger results.

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