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Remote sales with the pros - Jen Spencer from SmartBug Media

As sales organizations adjust to the transition into the world of remote sales, some have been operating fully remote for quite some time. We were lucky enough to be joined by Sales leader, Jen Spencer, who has led sales and marketing efforts 100% remote since she joined her current firm, SmartBug Media.

The company itself has been remote since their inception and thus Jen has valuable insight into how to manage remote teams, what has changed during this time and best practices for remote selling. 


First, from a remote selling perspective one of the things that companies need to understand is the position that current businesses are in; there are some businesses trying to adapt, there are some that are thriving, and there are others that are in survival mode. From a sales and marketing team working together needs to get back to the basics by making adjustments to your messaging strategy based on current challenges that folks are experiencing. 


Secondly, when you think about your sales process - think about how people being remotely themselves could potentially need adjustments to your sales process. For example, if your buyer is accustomed to physically walking over to an office to address a contract need coming up, then factoring in extra time is part of your sales process. You need to know that organizations are having to adapt and adjust their internal processes which could throw off your sales cycle lengths because buyers are navigating a new normal. It’s important to note that it’s not only your world that is changing, it’s that your customer’s world is changing. 


Finally, from an internal perspective, it’s helpful to do things by having very segmented chats. Whether you use slack, zoom, any type of messaging platforms, one just for executives, sales outreach etc. Most organizations do have that but if you’re all of a sudden thrust into managing a remote team and you don't have this in place, it’s going to get really noisy if you’re using the same channel for everything. Continue to use very granular chat channels. This leads into creating support around handoffs. For example, BDR to sales, or marketing to sales, or customer success, you need to communicate more than you did in the past so some of your processes may break down. 


SmartBug Media has been remote for 12 years and because of this they were set up for success upon navigating this new normal. Many of their customers weren’t operating remotely themselves but have benefited from sharing their internal practices to foster current relationships and to forge new ones. 


Jen Spencer is the VP of Sales and Marketing at SmartBug Media a. SmartBug Media is an intelligent inbound marketing agency supporting clients with revenue growth goals.

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