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How Chargebee is adjusting to remote sales in 2020

Learn how Germain Brion, SVP of Global Sales and the team at Chargebee are adapted to scaling scales using remote teams around the world

Companies will have to react to many different changes throughout their lifecycle. Whether these are small adjustments to market conditions, industry trends or as we have seen of late; switching to a remote company overnight. Regardless of what the change is, what’s important is how you react. 

Germain Brion, SVP of Global Sales at Chargebee, is a leading sales leader who spoke to us about how every team has essentially become an inside sales team essentially overnight. 

Germain leads sales for Chargebee, a recurring billing platform for subscription-based SasS and eCommerce businesses. They integrate with other large billing platforms like Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal to help automate your process. He shared his insights on what sales teams can do to adapt during these unique times.

Secondly, working remote requires a constant analysis of the existing customer base and how they are being impacted. Every industry is going to face different challenges during this time and you can help them adjust accordingly. For example, conference and travel budgets have evaporated so suggesting where this can be reallocated more effectively can be impactful. 

All things being equal, everyone is being very responsive to virtual meetings and firms who figure out how to capitalize on that with be most successful. 

At Chargebee in the last few months, there has been a noticeable dip at the MQL level but conversions to SQL levels remain the same. This means that although window shopping has decreased there is clearly still a need for the product and those people are moving through the sales funnel.

Finally, to compensate for changes in demand now is a good time to switch your SDR team to outbound and be proactive about the changes you’re seeing. Go further and think about extending trials and adjusting pricing to cater to each individual deal. Adjust to longer sale cycles and “play the long game”. Bring in other people to calls like your product team and not just Account Executives. Show your prospects you’re doing everything you can to help them and reap the benefits.

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Case Study - increased hit-rate through personilization

Chargebee delivers a unique buying journey for customers by connecting Freshsales with GetAccept

"We were looking for a solution to allow us to use videos to engage prospects, send trackable sales materials, forward proposals, and gather signatures on contracts all within Freshsales CRM. GetAccept was the answer."

Germain Brion
VP Sales, Chargebee

Case Study


The main challenge that Chargebee experienced was that their sales reps spent a lot of time creating and manually following up on proposals.