GetAccept x Vainu

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"GetAccept helps our salespeople know when to contact their clients, and whom. With better insights, the tool helps us prioritize our time and close more deals!"

 Mikko Honkanen - CEO & Co founder

Mikko Honkanen

CEO & Co founder


Vainu and GetAccept work together as friends and share the same interest in SaaS. We love to support, educate and help each other in order to make our common customer base as happy as possible. With the help of sharing content, educate and share our thoughts through different webinars - we aim to deliver that ecosystem that our customer needs in order to cover all the different puzzles pieces together.

Turn prospects into customers, today

GetAccept is with you all the way! Understanding where you are in your digital transformation is the first step. Contact us and we will find a solution together.

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About Vainu

Vainu is a sales intelligence platform, a company database, that helps salespeople and marketers move forward. Powered by technology to collect, read and understand all company information ever written, Vainu makes real-time company data easily consumable directly in its customers' existing business systems.