Several top recruits among GetAccept's 22 new employees

GetAccept expands its team with a new COO, Commercial Retention Manager, and VP of Engineering to address the growing demand for digitizing customers' document processes and streamline their operations.


May 18, 2019


2 min.

Several top recruits among GetAccept's 22 new employees

To meet the high demand for digitizing customers' document processes, GetAccept has recruited several new resources, including a new Operations Manager (COO), a Commercial Retention Manager, and a VP of Engineering.

There is a significant expansion in the need for digital signatures and quotation management, which has led to the growth that GetAccept is facing in the market. As part of this, the premises in Malmö were upgraded to 500 square meters in January to meet the large expansion of employees. To reinforce the management, GetAccept has acquired Johan Krantz (COO), Mattias Vig (Commercial Retention Manager), and Andreas Helgegren (VP of Engineering).

”We are very proud to have these profiles at GetAccept and this is a way of showing that we’re preparing to become the market leader in electronic signatures and quotation management in the Nordic countries,” says Samir Smajic, CEO of GetAccept.

Johan Krantz has a wide experience from tech companies but comes from Studentwork/Criterion where he worked as a business developer and marketing director. Previously, Johan was COO of the Malmö based company Apsis.

“I like the energy and culture here at GetAccept. The team that has ambitious goals and a world-class product. It is with pleasure that I’m looking forward to being part of GetAccept's successful journey”, says Johan Krantz.

Mattias Vig comes from Stratiteq where he worked as a Business Consultant and has extensive experience in various software to digitize the marketing and sales process.

“Since this is my second journey with the founder of GetAccept and a few more colleagues, it's somewhat like being back home again after a long journey. We have all gained tremendous experience during our years we’ve been working in different places. I'm very excited to see what I can achieve with GetAccept this time”, says Mattias Vig.

With his long experience as a previous CTO and entrepreneur, Andreas Helgegren has the knowledge required to build both a modern development department and a platform.

Andreas’ skills in recruitment to attract adequate and good employees to the development department are much needed as we will extend that department significantly. At the same time, having an understanding of important technology alternatives and how modern technologies like AI can strengthen the offering are important success factors”, says Mathias Thulin, co-founder of GetAccept.

In 2019, GetAccept will establish in several new countries, and they predict that this is only the beginning of digitization in Europe. The benefit of having the head office in San Francisco is to be able to follow a market that is about 3 years ahead of us when it comes to digitalization.