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Remote selling

Maximize your sales team quota as you have accelerated your remote selling plans. We have gathered all the best resources for you and your team. How to stay productive, how to engage your team to reach new activity levels, and how to crush quota. All you need can be found here.

Welcome to remote selling - the ultimate guide

The world has changed from the days of traveling miles to visit our clients in person  - with the ability to at least expense our gas regardless of the outcome. Now the world of sales is being driven in the cloud - with remote sales teams achieving results equal to or greater than those seen on-premise.  With this change - it can difficult to find useful information to define best practices, forge new strategies, uncover tips and craft management plans for your remote sales efforts. Worry no more, as we’ve got you covered. 

In the sections below you’ll find everything you need to get started!

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What is remote sales - a definition

Remote sales refer to the notion of a sale being made where the seller and the prospect never meet! This isn’t a new notion - in fact remote sales first emerged through mail order methods where goods were examined through detailed catalogues and payment information was forwarded by the buyer in the post.

Today - due to the proliferation of fibre internet protocols - sellers can now conduct high resolution video conferences without latency and compatibility issues of the past;  enabling buyers to engage sellers agnostic of location impediments.

Get started with remote selling

There are some crucial things that you need to think of if you want to get started with a remote sales team. Both from the managers side and the sales representative. This section covers everything from daily stand-ups to the tools and hardware you need.

Remote selling best practices

A personal meeting including a wet signature and a firm handshake has been the visual for a closed deal. Not anymore, new times demand new ways of getting to that closed deal. This section will cover all the best practices that will make you one member of the Elite Remote Sales Team.

Infographic: How to sell remotely

Are your team trying to sell to a market that is under extreme pressure? Have you just moved to a remote setup?
Whether it's an ongoing Pandemic, political insecurity or extreme weather - that means you as a sales person need to step up and sharpen your objection handling. Download the infographic 
to get our best tips to help you get through tough times.


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Remote selling FAQs

Remote selling has always been questioned and there are some that are repeated. We have gathered the most common questions and the best answers, all summarized for you to read here.

Remote sales management

It is considered to be more challenging to manage remote employees and especially sales teams where daily ad-hoc coaching and energetic team members are important factors for success. But in the new era of technology, we have all support needed to successfully coach and motivate remote sales teams.

Remote sales advice from the experts

Companies will have to react to many different changes throughout their lifecycle. Whether these are small adjustments to market conditions, industry trends or as we have seen of late; switching to a remote company overnight. Regardless of what the change is, what’s important is how you react.

Video to help you with remote selling

We have put together a video tour on how to go from zero to hero becoming the best remote sales team in the world. These five short videos will show you how to put up your remote setup, how to pitch and the best ways to close a deals remotely.

Remote selling on the Blog

We update our blog with the latest content on remote selling and other sales topics. Check out the latest posts here:

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