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GetAccept learning hub: Top tools for digital sales room

Top tools for digital sales rooms

Choosing the right digital sales room software is no easy task! That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top tools in the industry right now. Before we dive in - let’s get a little more familiar with some of the basics.

What is a digital sales room?

A digital sales room refers to a software solution that is designed to give both buyers and sellers an online place to communicate and negotiate the finer details within the sales process. A digital sales room is typically created for the first time before the first discovery meeting - where content like a welcome video, pre-meeting agenda and relevant case studies can be uploaded by the salesperson and shared with a prospective buyer.


What features are offered by market leading digital sales room providers?

Given the range of digital sales room tools on the market - there are a number of different features that have evolved to give sellers an advantage in the B2B process. These include but are not limited to video for sales, chat messaging, hosted content, branded landing pages, contract life-cycle management & e-signature.


What are some of the most popular digital sales room software products?


Clientpoint was founded in 2008 & allows sellers to create personalized experiences for buyers by combining a range of different content types from a master content library - these include assets like documents, brochures and videos. Sent materials can then be branded based on company style guidelines with e-signature available to facilitate full cycle deals


Dealhub was founded in 2014 and offers a digital sales room feature to sales teams globally. Dealhub offers analytics allowing sellers to understand exactly how buyers are interacting with content; suggesting what changes may be made to increase deal conversion. Data can then be captured from interactions with the customer and imported dynamically into the CRM. Finally, DealHub permits all relevant content to be changed on the fly; allowing marketing & sales leadership to make changes to materials shared with prospects in real time.


Starting in 2012, Showell offers sellers the ability to create customized digital sales rooms which can be shared with customers via dynamic links. Customers are taken to a branded online webpage where they can view relevant presentations, pre-recorded videos and documents. Showell also offers reps the ability to directly draw & annotate on top of their presentations to further create a personalized experience


Modus started in 2013 primarily as a solution targeting field sales teams. Modus offers a digital sales room solution through personalized microsites. Buyers can jump into their digital sales room to view content, ask questions & invite other decision makers to contribute opinions. The analytics engine is also tailored towards enterprise deals - where a large number of evaluators contribute to the eventual purchasing decision.


Enablix is one of the younger companies in our list - offering a digital sales room solution with a drag & drop editor. Excerpts from content assets can be inserted into the landing page sent to prospects - designed to create more clicks on supporting materials. Enablish also offers privacy & security features; preventing sales reps from sending material that is either internal or confidential


Folloze offers a marketing-lead digital sales room solution where content can be pre-selected & organized over several stages to provide a prospect with end-to-end content nurturing experience. Content efficacy can be evaluated across the buyer’s journey via an interactive timeline dashboard. Folloze was founded in 2013 and particularly targets firms running virtual or in-person events as well as those seeking to establish an ABM (account-based marketing) program


Another company in the 2013 batch, Beehivr is the only platform on this list to offer their own proprietary meeting room technology - allowing sellers to invite prospects onto a hosted virtual meeting. After the meeting has occurred, salespeople can create a digital sales room to share key content & insights such as meeting notes, product pricing, supporting documents & webpages.


Initially coming to the market as an e-signature tool, GetAccept quickly realized that sales deals are not won at the contract stage but lost earlier in the sales process against competitors. Seeking to empower salespeople to sell in a more personal way - GetAccept offers a digital sales room solution combining the features mentioned above including video for sales, proposal creation, sales collateral management, contract life-cycle management & e-signature.


Create a unique buying experience

create a unique buying experience

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