What are the components of a digital sales room

What are the components of a digital sales room?

A digital sales room is a shared virtual space where sellers and buyers can meet, communicate, and make sales. Below, we list the 6 components that are critical for a successful digital sales room and to ensure a unique buying and selling experience to reps and prospects alike.

  1. Secure shared space
    As a seller, create a secure shared space, or microsite, and share the link to the intended recipient, who will then be able to access it. Both the seller and buyer can add more participants to the room, who will then need to enter an email address. The shared space will simplify your sales process from fragmented touchpoints to a tailor-made and trackable journey by creating a secure shared space for all relevant stakeholders needed to close a deal.

  2. Dynamic content creation
    You can’t close a deal without the support from the right content. In a digital sales room, you will be able to upload pre-existing documents or create sales collateral from scratch. You can build templates saved in a content library to be reused by you or your team. Anything from proposals to case studies or presentations, and make sure to pull your best content by linking to your website or YouTube.

  3. Engagement tracking & analytics
    Get actionable insights on your content. Do videos grab attention? What part of your proposal is too complicated? Which stakeholder is disengaged? Know what content sells and which doesn’t and become a top performer.

  4. Collaborative communication
    The digital sales room should be a two-way communication between buyers and sellers. Let prospects make comments on shared documents

  5. Branded virtual experience
    The digital sales room is one way to create a unique and memorable experience for the buyer. Never share content through a boring email; leave that to your competitors. Make your brand stand out so you can be remembered when it’s closing time.

  6. Personalize the human touch
    Let your personality shine through and build trust with video. Automated chat as a follow-up to a proposal to spark a conversation, or in real-time chat when a prospect has a question on that complex pricing matrix you sent. In either case, chat brings you closer to deal day, and it doesn’t even have to be on a Friday.

Create a unique buying experience

create a unique buying experience

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